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Plant Hire Supporting New Businesses and Smaller Projects

Date: 21/12/18

If you are starting out as a new business, and you are in need of heavy machinery and/or equipment you’ll be faced with some choices on how to proceed. Whether to buy or hire is an age-old question when it comes to brand new and growing... Read More

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“Health and Safety is not just an Obligation, it’s a Way of Life “

Date: 19/12/18

It does not matter what industry you are working in, training is of vital importance when it comes to health and safety standards and practices. This is especially the case in industries where there are more hazards and potential problems present Read More

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Focused on a Sustainable Future

Date: 17/12/18

We’ve taken an approach to instil a methodology and ideology surrounding sustainability in all aspects of how we work. So, you’ll find that 100% of all Ardent company cars are in line with the latest regulations relating to emission standards. Read More

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Best Practice when Using a Dumper Truck

Date: 13/12/18

If you are considering hiring a dumper truck for use on a construction site, it is important to us that you understand how to use it effectively and safely, to reduce the risk of accident and/or injury on site. Read More

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Excavator Safety on site

Date: 27/11/18

With a range of models and sizes of excavators to hire available, our expert team is always on hand to offer advice on the best type of excavator for your specific needs. Read More

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Best Practice When on Site

Date: 13/11/18

By employing a strict code of health and safety at all times, and not just paying lip service to it, you could end up saving a life on site. Read More

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The Hire Industry needs to innovate

Date: 02/11/18

The hire industry has been slow to innovate, particularly with its adoption of new technology. Read More

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Choosing the Right Plant Hire Supplier

Date: 24/10/18

Whether you work within construction, engineering, renewable energy, infrastructure or event management sector, you will need the use of heavy machinery and equipment at certain times. Ardent is the right choice for your plant hire needs Read More

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Compact Roller Hire

Date: 17/10/18

If you are searching for compact roller hire you are in the right place. At Ardent we are specialists in plant hire machinery, including helping our clients secure the very best compact rollers for their specific needs.  Read More

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Excavator Attachments

Date: 15/10/18

Excavator hire is a popular requirement for our clients, and with such a wide range of excavator attachments available to hire through Ardent, you can see why.  Read More

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Build Safe with Ardent

Date: 10/10/18

Our team understands the legal health and safety requirements within our industry and will inform you of all compulsory legislation that you have to adhere to depending on which type of plant hire you have chosen. Read More

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Ardent invest to grow their excavator fleet

Date: 05/10/18

Ardent Hire Solutions, has placed a £9m order with Marubeni-Komatsu to supply PC138US (13T), PC210LC (21T) and PC360LC (36T) machines to further grow its large excavator fleet. Read More

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360-degree Telehandlers

Date: 27/09/18

Ardent Hire have a fleet of 360-degree Roto telehandlers available for hire. These amazing machines offer continuous 360-degree reach capabilities combined with impressive load heights and precision control.  Read More

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Why Hiring your Fleet is a Good Option

Date: 25/09/18

If you’re considering buying your plant machinery, why not look into hiring it, instead? There are many reasons that hiring plant machinery could benefit your company over buying your fleet – and cost is just one of them.  Read More

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Ardent handed RoSPA Gold Award for health and safety practices

Date: 24/09/18

Ardent Hire Solutions Ltd, one of the UK’s largest construction equipment rental companies with 13 depots nationwide, has been handed a prestigious award in recognition of its practices and achievements in workplace safety and helping its staff... Read More

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Safe Telehandler Use

Date: 20/09/18

On a construction site, it’s crucial that all workers know how to properly and safely handle the machinery that they are operating. A telehandler is perhaps one of the most frequently used pieces of construction equipment used on a jobsite. Read More

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Health and Safety On-site

Date: 13/09/18

For any construction site, health and safety should be the biggest concern for all managers and employees that are present each day. Here at Ardent Hire Solutions, health and safety is our number one focus.  Read More

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Which Excavator for Which Job?

Date: 20/08/18

With a diverse array of customers, different excavators are required for different jobs. So, how do you choose which is best for your job? Read More

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All about Forklifts

Date: 13/08/18

Ardent Hire offers a variety of forklifts to meet different lifting purposes at different sites, which we’ve outlined in this article. Read More

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Why Choose Ardent?

Date: 06/08/18

Ardent’s young fleet is tailor-made to cater to the needs and demands of the variety of industries we supply. Read More

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The Benefits of Using a Mini Excavator

Date: 23/07/18

It is fair to say that the introduction of mini excavators in the construction industry has been a revolution. These incredible benefits of the mini excavator further highlight the effectiveness of using these machines for your business or... Read More

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All About Excavators

Date: 16/07/18

Excavator hire is one of the most popular plant hire services we offer at Ardent, so we’ve outlined below some more information about excavators. Read More

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Top Tips to Remember When Working On-Site

Date: 09/07/18

Whilst we ensure that our plant hire equipment complies with all required health and safety requirements, we always go the extra step to ensure your staff understand how to use the machinery. Our delivery team will not leave the site until they’ve... Read More

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How We at Ardent Can Help to Protect the Environment

Date: 02/07/18

Plant hire companies specialise in equipment and machinery that rely on fuel that could negatively impact the environment. At Ardent, we take stock of these environmental issues and implement sustainable strategies in all we do, to restore the... Read More

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What is the Best Option for you - Hiring or Buying Construction Machinery?

Date: 25/06/18

There are currently two options when it comes to acquiring construction machinery - hiring or buying. Both options have their advantages, with each being suitable for different types of projects, but it’s important to know which is best for your... Read More

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Ardent Extra - Plant Hire Solutions Go Further

Date: 18/06/18

Even with a fleet as extensive and comprehensive as Ardent’s there will occasionally be a requirement for plant equipment to hire that we do not stock as standard. Thanks to our excellent relationships with major plant equipment suppliers, Ardent... Read More

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How Ardent Hire Solutions are Constantly Improving Our Service 

Date: 11/06/18

Here at Ardent Hire Solutions, we are committed to constantly improving our service. Our goal is always to provide the best quality service for all our customers, and we encourage everyone on the Ardent team to contribute to this effort.  Read More

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Benefits of a Telehandler

Date: 04/06/18

Telehandlers are one of the most popular machines in our fleet of plant hire equipment. Also known as a telescopic handler, the telehandler combines aspects of a forklift and a crane into a compact machine that offers a wide range of advantages.  Read More

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Ardent - Our Range Of Telehandler Attachments

Date: 28/05/18

When you hire a telehandler from Ardent, consider the telehandler attachments you may need to hire. Depending on your job, you may have different requirements. Read More

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Ardent - Our Range Of Excavators

Date: 21/05/18

At Ardent Hire Solutions, we provide a variety of plant hire equipment for you to hire and invest in as and when needed. One of our most popular equipment for hire ranges, is our excavators.  Read More

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ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 Accreditation

Date: 14/05/18

At Ardent Hire Solutions, we are proud not only of the work that we do, but the work that we put in to make that possible. Part of this comes from our professional outlook through all levels of the business, and this is recognised through our ISO... Read More

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Customer Familiarisation at Ardent

Date: 07/05/18

For anyone who is serious about using hardware and plant hire equipment, it’s vital that you are familiar with all of the factors involved. Read More

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Why Hire a Mini Excavator from Ardent?

Date: 27/04/18

Ardent Plant Hire Solutions offers one of the youngest fleets of mini excavators available in the entirety of the UK’s plant hire industry; none of our machines are more than 3 years of age. Read More

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The Most Popular Plant Hire Equipment from Ardent

Date: 23/04/18

Are you looking for a high-quality, well-reviewed piece of plant hire machinery for your construction job. Perhaps you aren’t sure what you need for a particular job, or what is available. In this quick post, we’ll outline the most popular... Read More

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Ardent Plant Hire Solutions

Date: 16/04/18

Ardent Hire Solutions believe in safety and sustainability and invest heavily in these essential areas of the business. Each one of our machines that are available for hire are rigorously tested before they are sent to a client Read More

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Ardent – Our Range of Telehandlers

Date: 09/04/18

Ardent Hire have the largest fleet of telehandlers (or telescopic handlers) in the UK ready for your plant hire needs. We’ve previously featured our brand new 18 metre telehandlers; however, we also have countless other telehandlers to hire,... Read More

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Plant Sales Solutions

Date: 26/03/18

Ardent Hire is so much more than a plant hire company. You can buy plant machinery and every vehicle from our mini excavators to our heavy lift telehandlers to our rollers are ready to be purchased.  Read More

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Our New 18m Telehandlers

Date: 19/03/18

Our telehandler fleet at Ardent Hire is one of the largest fleets available in the UK. We recently added our new 18 metre telehandlers to our fleet of adaptable machines.  Read More

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How to Choose the Right Digger for the Job

Date: 12/03/18

At Ardent Hire, you’ll find that we have a range of diggers that are up to any digging challenge. When deciding what kind of digger you need for your digging job, there’s a few things you should consider.  Read More

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Ardent Reaches FORS Gold

Date: 08/03/18

Ardent Hire Solutions has been awarded FORS Gold status by the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme – the highest grade achievable for fleet operators. Read More

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Ardent Hire - Our Range of Mini Excavators

Date: 05/03/18

Ardent Hire Solutions provides versatile mini excavators ready for hire at your leisure. We procure our mini excavators from industry-leading suppliers Kubota and Hitachi. Read More

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Plant Hire: On-Site Familiarisation

Date: 26/02/18

At Ardent, we are very health and safety conscious. We believe that safety starts before our equipment has even left the lot, long before it gets to you, and definitely before any of your staff get into our machines. We invest in our in-house... Read More

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Excavator Attachments, Get More Versatility

Date: 19/02/18

Our excavators are some of the youngest and best around, so we supply the attachments to match demand. Our attachments enable you to use your excavator in a more versatile way, saving you time, and money.  Read More

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Delivery and Collections: Investing in Transport

Date: 12/02/18

With 134 depots across the UK, we at Ardent offer reliable delivery and collection services to any UK calling point. Read More

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Compaction Roller Hire: The Options

Date: 05/02/18

For easy levelling and compacting work, Ardent offers a range of rollers for hire. Our rollers can tackle almost any surface that needs flattening and we even offer additional pad foot drums when requested.  Read More

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Ardent Hire secures £120m asset-based lending facility

Date: 29/01/18

Ardent Hire Solutions Ltd are pleased to announce it has secured a £120m asset based lending facility from leading banks, HSBC & ABN AMRO. Read More

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Plant Hire Solutions

Date: 25/01/18

We offer a fleet in which no machine is older than 3 years, and a comprehensive range of equipment that includes excavators, telehandlers, rollers, dumpers, rough terrain forklifts, and a selection of attachments and ancillaries. Read More

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Mini-Excavators Affordable Versatility

Date: 15/01/18

Ardent has several mini and midi excavators, and their range is one of the largest in the country. Read More

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Is Your Plant Machinery Fuel Efficient?

Date: 09/01/18

At Ardent, customers work closely with the company to ensure that they’re gaining the best benefits from the company’s commitment to sustainability in their choices Read More

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Build Safer with Ardent

Date: 04/01/18

When you’re working at heights, or with heavy loads, or in dangerous environments, health and safety is something that will save your life. Read More

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