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Ardent Places £9 million Order With Thwaites

Date: 06/08/19

Ardent Places £9 million Order With Thwaites Read More

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How to choose the right excavator for you?

Date: 05/08/19

Excavators are flexible and versatile options that fit perfectly within many different types of projects. Read More

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Ardent wins Digital Construction Excellence Award

Date: 30/07/19

Ardent Hire Solutions has won the Digital Construction Excellence Award at the 2019 Construction News Awards. Read More

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Ardent achieves RoSPA Gold Health & Safety Award

Date: 30/07/19

Ardent achieves RoSPA Gold Health & Safety Award Read More

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Choosing a Plant Sales Company for Your Needs

Date: 23/07/19

To help you choose a plant hire sales company that fits your needs it is important to understand what we have to offer you in terms of plant hire sales. Read More

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How to Choose a Telehandler for Your Project

Date: 15/07/19

Telehandlers are flexible and versatile options that fit perfectly within many different types of projects. Read More

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Should I Go with Plant Hire or Plant Purchase?

Date: 08/07/19

There are tough decisions to be made when you are in charge of managing a construction company or project. Read More

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Ardent Places Biggest Ever UK Telehandler Order With JCB

Date: 05/07/19

Ardent has placed the biggest single order of telescopic handlers ever placed by a UK customer with JCB as part of a two-year deal worth more than £75 million. Read More

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Utilising Plant Hire Specialists for Safe Equipment

Date: 01/07/19

Whether you are in charge of managing the construction of housing, building and maintaining renewable energy sources, or working on large infrastructure projects, you’ll need to know that the equipment and machinery you are using is safe for all... Read More

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3 unique ways businesses use construction machinery?

Date: 14/06/19

At Ardent we understand the importance of providing plant hire solutions to our clients that help them achieve their goals in a variety of sectors and locations. In this article, we look at 3 unique ways businesses use construction machinery. Read More

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The Benefits of Mini Excavators

Date: 10/06/19

Mini excavators have become a much-needed part of life on construction sites up and down the country. Read More

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Tips to Plant Hire as a Customer

Date: 03/06/19

When it comes to using a plant hire companies it is important to find a plant hire service that not only suits your specific requirements for type of machinery and quantities of machinery, but to also find a plant hire company that has great levels... Read More

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Using Telehandlers Effectively in Different Industries

Date: 27/05/19

Telehandlers are an effective part of a plan within many different industries. At Ardent we understand the importance of providing plant hire solutions to our clients that help them achieve their goals in a variety of sectors and locations, and for... Read More

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The Importance of Dumper Trucks to Site Preparation

Date: 20/05/19

Dumper truck hire is an important aspect of planning for many construction sites and within different sectors where there is a need to prepare land and sites for the next phase of a development. Read More

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How Hire Companies Can Help Your Project Work to Budget

Date: 13/05/19

We can help provide you with machinery hire solutions that help you complete projects on time and within budget. Read More

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What to Look Out for When Using a Plant Hire Company

Date: 06/05/19

At Ardent we provide plant hire solutions that fit perfectly with the needs of our clients, building relationships that can grow naturally over time, with a clear understanding and trust. Read More

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Last Minute Plant Hire Problems on Site? – No Worries with Ardent

Date: 29/04/19

We all know that problems can arise no matter how detailed a plan you put together and having our plant hire service at hand during an emergency will help you to minimise downtime and disruption at those crucial times. Read More

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The Many Wonders of Excavator Attachments

Date: 22/04/19

At Ardent we can offer you specialist advice and guidance to help you not only hire an excavator for use on site, but to also choose the right excavator attachments for your specific purposes. Read More

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Using Compact Rollers to Tackle any Surface

Date: 15/04/19

Ardent are specialists in plant hire and our services include compact rollers that can be used for a multitude of purposes. Read More

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Benefits of a Plant Hire Company

Date: 08/04/19

There are several benefits to utilising the expertise of a plant hire company. Our team of experts is in prime position to help your project succeed. We understand the many different challenges of location and logistics that are evident on any site,... Read More

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Covering Multi-Site Projects with Correct Machinery

Date: 25/03/19

With Ardent Hire we have the experience, the know-how, and the wide range of plant hire machinery to be able to offer effective, high-level, quality machinery and equipment that can be used to enhance your projects Read More

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Making the Most of Ardent Hire

Date: 18/03/19

Plant hire provides much needed assistance and expertise at various stages of a wide range of projects and within multiple industry and sectors. Read More

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Meeting Tight Deadlines with Plant Hire Services

Date: 11/03/19

The equipment and machinery you use is likely to play an important part in the success of a project, so how can our specialist plant hire service help you achieve your deadlines and goals? Read More

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What to do if Equipment Breaks Down Mid Project

Date: 04/03/19

At Ardent we have all of the top class, effective solutions to help you with any project. Our specialist plant hire service provides you with the equipment and machinery to help in any situation Read More

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Why You Should Choose a Wheeled Dumper

Date: 25/02/19

At Ardent we provide a wide range of wheeled dumpers for a variety of uses. Read More

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Improving Reliability Issues with Ardent

Date: 18/02/19

We constantly invest in our fleet to upgrade and provide a reliable fleet to our customers. On top of that, all machinery is fully maintained and repaired to be as fresh and efficient when delivered to our clients as possible. Read More

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Fuel Efficiency with Ardent Plant Hire

Date: 11/02/19

We have one of the youngest, most efficient fleets in the industry, saving our clients up to 34% in fuel costs. Read More

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Covering the Entire UK with Plant Hire Potential

Date: 04/02/19

With depots located throughout the UK, we aim to deliver specialist equipment, machinery and plant hire, wherever you are located, as soon as possible. Read More

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How to Use A Dumper Truck in Construction Projects

Date: 28/01/19

We understand how important a dumper truck is in the process of creating the perfect conditions on a construction site, performing a functional task that is unglamorous but entirely necessary. Read More

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Excavator Hire Benefits

Date: 28/01/19

At Ardent we have one of the largest excavator fleets in the UK, with a comprehensive selection that runs from 0.9t micro machines to the large, heavy-duty 47t excavators and everything in between. Read More

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How to Use Telehandlers Safely on Construction Sites

Date: 21/01/19

Ardent offers the largest telehandler fleet for hire in the UK, providing more choice of the very latest machines. The range provides lifting from 4m to 20m, and can cover the work of both forklift and crane in one versatile machine. Read More

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Highly Adaptive Machinery for Hire from Ardent

Date: 07/01/19

At Ardent we believe in our ability to provide a high quality and large fleet to our customers. We have the largest telehandler fleet in the UK, with a wide range of lifting capacities and adaptable facilities to ensure the machine works the best... Read More

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