Many companies talk the talk about sustainability, but at Ardent we are doing much more than changing a few light bulbs and recycling our waste (although naturally we have strict policies on these too).

We’re not just doing this because it’s good for the planet; we understand that when it’s done right, with a full commitment throughout our company and our customers, sustainability is as good for business as it is for the environment.

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Sustainable fleet

Ardent is investing £100m to create the youngest hire fleet in the UK, with an average age of less than two years old. This not only delivers real sustainability for our clients, thanks to improved fuel economy, but also cuts our own carbon footprint by reducing the number of maintenance visits required. We also guarantee that all machines in our fleet are Tier 4i rated, to comply with the very latest environmental regulations.

Sustainable delivery

To underline our environmental credentials, at Ardent we always aim to deliver our sustainable hire fleet in the most sustainable way. For example, we recently purchased six new tri-axle step-frame trailers, featuring innovative fold-forward ramps that reduce drag, which have cut fuel consumption our of delivery vehicles by over 15 per cent.

Sustainable suppliers

As part of our £100m investment, we are working directly with JCB in the development of new fuel-efficient products. As their largest customer in Europe, we are using our buying power to encourage this major manufacturer to focus on sustainability, so that we can deliver this to the UK hire market.

We ask all of our suppliers to minimise single use plastics in their packaging, and our intention is to eliminate these completely from our supply chain by 2025.

Sustainable support

Naturally, our sustainability philosophy extends far beyond our own business, working closely with all our customers to help you to achieve your own sustainability goals.

For example, our delivery team has been equipped with iPads and PDAs, featuring a bespoke Ardent App, which not only eliminates paperwork, but also cuts out errors that waste time and resources. This has resulted in the lowest query rate in the industry of under 1%.

We also monitor all our equipment using state of the art telematics. This not only helps us to identify and fix faults as soon as they occur, avoiding wasteful call outs later, but also provides valuable operational data for our customers, helping you to ensure that machines are used in the most efficient way.