Why Hire a Mini Excavator from Ardent?

Date: 27/04/18

Why Hire a Mini Excavator from Ardent?

Ardent Plant Hire Solutions offers one of the youngest fleets of mini excavators available in the entirety of the UK’s plant hire industry; none of our machines are more than 3 years of age. This means that not only are you getting more choice with Ardent, you’re also getting the most efficient machinery. A newer fleet is more productive, it minimises operating costs (especially fuel) and most importantly, it is safer to operate.  

Our huge mini excavator fleet gives you more versatility for your construction job. Our range is one of the largest in the country, and we’re always looking to expand our fleet to include even more sizes of mini excavator. 

A mini excavator gives you more movement than standard sized excavators, because they are built to allow you to get into even the tightest of spaces with little to no problems. Our current range of mini excavators are designed and manufactured by industry-leading suppliers Kubota and Hitachi. 

The general mini excavator market supplies machinery with a fixed undercarriage. The Hitachi mini excavators you can hire from Ardent provide a hydraulic extending undercarriage as standard, ideal for trench digging or landscaping.

Our mini excavators are more technologically advanced than any in the industry, helping to increase productivity. Our machines provide:

  • A Bigger footprint, meaning better stability = SAFER
  • Superior lift performance = MORE PRODUCTIVE
  • Increased gradeability, reduced tipping risk = MORE PRODUCTIVE, SAFER

Ardent buys excavators with superior specifications to the general market to help customers improve their productivity, reduce operating costs and reduce risks. You’re assured when you hire a mini excavator from Ardent, you’re getting a superior machine.  For more information and to hire a mini excavator, contact our team.

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