Working at Ardent

One of the things that sets Ardent apart is our values, Passion, Pace & Performance. We’re looking for new apprentices who can demonstrate these values in their own lives, at school, at work and in their sport and social activities. So tell us about your personal Passion, Pace and Performance during the recruitment process, and show us how you’ve got the perfect attitude for Ardent.

Passion The word Ardent can be defined as passionate. We put our heart, mind, body and soul into ensuring our customers get world class service, we protect our environment, we have fun working together and we stay safe.

Pace The majority of our customers call today for hires tomorrow and our agility to be able to positively respond to this (without compromising safety or quality) will make all the difference. It's not about cutting corners, it's about ensuring we are efficient and adaptable.

Performance Having passion and pace will only make a difference if we deliver. You can expect to be challenged to deliver your very best performance on an individual basis but its how we come together to deliver as a team that drives our business.

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