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Our Ardent App offers several digital services that are integrated with Site Manager that improve on-site safety and help you to pinpoint trouble areas. The app is easy to download and has a simple registration process that requires no back-office support.

Once downloaded, the operator can enter the machine fleet number and have instant access to machine familiarisations, site support videos, machine documentation including lifting charts, operator manuals, LOLERs and PDIs.

Customers can load their own daily checks into the admin portal allowing you to track your own daily machine safety checks and the app notifies management where these are not being done properly. Users can report defects and prioritise health and safety repairs. The app also enables users to ‘Track My Delivery’ which enables you to track on a real-time basis the status of your delivery and collections and its ETA.

Finally, the app has the functionality to upload company specific documents that can be signed by operators. Mandatory items to be signed can be set in the admin portal and these documents must be reviewed in order for the operator to use the main features of the app.

These services eliminate paperwork, improve processing speeds, and reduce back-office overheads which improves your agility and ability to create a safe and efficient working environment. All data captured on the app is permanently stored and accessible in real time within Ardent InSite.


Download and Login

Download the Ardent APP from the Play Store or App Store. Register and Login

Digitalisation of paper processes

Integration with Ardent Insite means documents can be viewed and signed within the APP.

Machine familiarisation

Complete Machine Familiarisation directly within the APP.

Machine documentation

Operators and site managers will have full access to machine documentation, including: LOLERs, PDI documents, Operator handbooks, Lifting charts, Technical specifications.

Customers can also upload their own documents and require operator signatures and understanding

Data management

Operators can access documentation and certificates quickly and easily, along with a range of site support services.

Complete Daily Checks

Operators can run through daily checks on each piece of equipment quickly and easily using the app, while managers monitor compliance.

Customisable Checks

Integrated with Ardent InSite customers can customise checks and check types.

Report Breakdowns

Customers can report breakdowns directly via the app, with in-app assistance for common, fixable faults.


Download On Any Devices:

For further information, please contact your account manager or our dedicated hire team

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*Please note: some features within the App may be hidden due to permission restrictions. Contact your Account Manager to unlock features or email app@ardenthire.com.



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