85% of the business is owned by Searchlight Capital and Duke Street Private Equity.  15% is allocated to management and employees.

The Board consists of the SMT, investor group and Chairman, Greg Fitzgerald.  The SMT is led by Jeremy Fish, CEO and includes Gareth Clements (Operations Director), Julian O'Neill (CFO) and Leigh Webb (Sales Director).  SHEQ reports to Jeremy Fish, reflecting its importance in our organisation. 

The SMT is one of the most widely experienced in the industry with over 150 years of relevant experience between them.  We only employ the very best people and we go to great lengths to interview and screen candidates including the use of psychometric, verbal and numeracy tests.  Some would say that it is difficult to join our organisation and we make no apologies for this.  As the UK’s premier hire company we can only provide the best service if we have the best people. 

We have industry expertise at all levels in our organisation and we actively seek to build capability at every level, particularly in operations and sales.  This approach empowers colleagues who are serving customers to make decisions.  And this means that decisions are made quickly, something which we see as being essential in a service oriented environment.