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JCB 926 Forklift Review

Date: 22/12/16

If you are on the lookout for a forklift to work on rough terrain, the JCB 926 Forklift could be exactly the right vehicle for you Read More

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Nationwide Plant Hire Coverage with Ardent

Date: 19/12/16

Ardent offer reliability, flexibility and fast delivery across the UK, so you're never left waiting Read More

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How to Save Fuel with Ardent Machinery

Date: 15/12/16

Find out how Ardent machinery can help you cut costs on your construction project by improving fuel efficiency Read More

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Benefits of Wheeled Loaders

Date: 06/12/16

One of the most reliable and effective tools to have on a construction site is the wheeled loader Read More

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On-Site Security – Keeping Equipment Safe from Theft

Date: 30/11/16

We understand that on-site security is a substantial responsibility can add to the pressure on site managers Read More

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Keep on Rolling – Road Works Ahead

Date: 29/11/16

Ardent stock a large range of machines, all of them continually maintained and updated to make sure we can deliver the best possible equipment to you Read More

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Dumper Hire – Solve Your Construction Crisis

Date: 15/11/16

Hiring dumper trucks could solve a number of problems on your construction site and reduce the risk of issues that often send costs soaring Read More

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Renewable Energy – Working for our Future in Remote Landscapes

Date: 03/11/16

Ardent can provide the equipment and expertise you need to overcome logistical challenges enabling you to successfully deliver renewable energy projects Read More

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The Benefits of Excavator Hire

Date: 14/10/16

At Ardent we have one of the largest and youngest fleets available, with our excavators for hire assisting companies on tight deadlines and on many different types of construction projects Read More

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Excavator Attachments – Versatility to Boost Productivity

Date: 12/10/16

Our range of excavator attachments offers you versatility with your equipment, boosting productivity and efficiency with something to suit all budgets and project types Read More

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Ardent Extra, What Else We Do

Date: 11/10/16

We are happy to be able to offer an extensive and comprehensive fleet with plant and equipment for hire Read More

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Sustainability with Ardent

Date: 10/10/16

Sustainability is an ethical choice that we have made in order to not only help the environment Read More

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Ardent Hire Solutions appoints Jeremy Fish as Chief Executive

Date: 26/09/16

Ardent Hire Solutions, the UK’s largest telehandler provider and one of the UK’s leading self-drive plant companies, is delighted to announce the appointment of Jeremy Fish as Chief Executive. Read More

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Caterpillar Excavators

Date: 13/09/16

Ardent are proud to make the earth move for our customers by offering the Caterpillar 312E excavator for hire. Read More

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Massive order for JCB as leading hirer Ardent invests big

Date: 06/09/16

JCB has secured a massive deal for 700 machines worth in excess of £40 million from one of the country’s largest plant hire companies. Read More

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Health & Safety with Ardent

Date: 01/09/16

Health and safety can be the difference between life and death. Below are some of the ways Ardent works to develop and maintain the highest levels of health and safety Read More

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Top Tips for Hiring Plant Equipment

Date: 19/08/16

If you are considering hiring plant, you may be wondering about steps you can take to ensure you get the best possible equipment at the best possible price. Read More

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Top 5 Plant Hire Excavators

Date: 17/08/16

Ardent now have one of the largest fleets of excavators in the plant hire market. Below is a guide to the top 5 excavators in our fleet. Read More

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The Komatsu PC138US-10 Excavator from Ardent

Date: 05/08/16

The PC138US-10 excavator from Komatsu features an ultra-short tail swing design, which is ideal if you are working in confined areas Read More

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We can Supply Specialist Equipment, Not Stocked as Standard

Date: 05/08/16

If you are looking to hire plant machinery, you can be certain Ardent can help. Read More

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The Cat 308E2 CR SB Mini Hydraulic Excavator from Ardent

Date: 18/07/16

The Cat 308E2 CR SB Mini Hydraulic Excavator is one of the most popular pieces of machinery in the Ardent fleet. Read More

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Building a sustainable business

Date: 08/07/16

While many companies see sustainability and environmental awareness as a costly burden, at Ardent, we believe that sustainability is as good for business Read More

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Leading the way in London

Date: 22/06/16

With London facing a growing need for new homes, Ardent Hire Solutions is delighted to be playing our part in tackling the capital’s housing crisis Read More

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Thwaites Dumpers from Ardent

Date: 16/06/16

If you need a dumper, then Ardent are sure to have what you need in our vast fleet, which contains everything from 1 tonne to 10 tonne machines. Read More

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Rollers for Any Surface from Ardent

Date: 09/06/16

The Ardent roller range contains a variety of rollers that will all make easy work out of compacting or levelling a surface. Read More

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Kick off a summer of fantastic football with Ardent!

Date: 01/06/16

Whether you’re supporting England, Wales or Northern Ireland this summer, download the handy Ardent football wallchart now Read More

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Building Britain’s infrastructure

Date: 31/05/16

As our economy grows, Britain’s businesses need an ever increasing capacity on our roads and railways to keep the country moving. Read More

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Build better with Ardent

Date: 27/05/16

When you partner with Ardent, you get so much more than just plant hire; you also get service and support that goes above and beyond. Read More

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HS2 and the Supply Chain Roadshow

Date: 24/05/16

The HS2 project is about to take another step forward as this month sees the beginning of a number of the Supply Chain Roadshows. Read More

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360 Degree Precision - Manitou Roto Telehandlers

Date: 23/05/16

Ardent are proud to supply a range of Manitou MRT Rotating Telescopic Handlers which are capable of a continuous 360 degree reach. Read More

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How Ardent Works with Industry

Date: 09/05/16

Industry is the engine that powers the UK economy while supporting a vast range of other sectors, such as information technology, energy and manufacturing. Read More

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Is The UK On Track with Renewable Energy?

Date: 06/05/16

The renewable energy sector is a key component in the UK economy, allowing it to become self sufficient and less at risk from economic shocks such as rising and falling world energy prices. Read More

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The EU Referendum and the Housing Sector

Date: 05/05/16

Analysts predict that the UK construction industry would be hit hard if the UK votes to exit the EU Read More

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Housebuilding, Infrastructure and the UK Market

Date: 20/04/16

The UK construction industry is still riding out the waves caused by the economic crash of 2008 and the subsequent slow recovery. Read More

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Keeping Britain’s Lights On

Date: 14/04/16

Equipment hired from Ardent has been used to decommission power stations, and maintain the thousands of miles of UK gas and electricity infrastructure. Read More

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Ardent Hire Solutions appoints Ged Murray as Chief Financial Officer

Date: 11/04/16

Ardent Hire Solutions (“Ardent”), is pleased to announce the appointment of Ged Murray as Chief Financial Officer with immediate effect. Read More

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A Brief Look at Infrastructure

Date: 11/04/16

The government's Autumn Statement signalled potential good news for the infrastructure sector of the construction industry. Read More

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Ardent and Britain’s Biggest Builds

Date: 01/04/16

Ardent (formerly one call and fork rent) is proud to have been involved in some of the biggest building projects Britain has ever seen. Read More

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Ardent Announces £1.7M Caterpillar Fleet Purchase

Date: 14/03/16

Ardent Hire Solutions formed through the amalgamation of One Call Hire and Fork Rent, has completed the latest phase of its ambitious £100m investment programme. Read More

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Ardent's BRAND new kit

Date: 10/02/16

Ardent Hire Solutions £100m investment in brand new equipment is well underway, as the new company hits the ground running with the arrival of the first of 60 1.5t Kubota excavators. Read More

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Award of multi million pound 3 year contract

Date: 05/02/16

Ardent Hire Solutions, formed via the merger of Fork Rent and One Call, is delighted to announce a three-year multi million pound contract with Bovis Homes Limited to provide the hire of telehandlers. Read More

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Greg Fitzgerald appointed as Chairman

Date: 01/02/16

Ardent Hire Solutions, the UK's largest telehandler provider and one of the UK's leading self-drive plant companies, is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Fitzgerald as Chairman with effect from Tuesday 26th January 2016. Read More

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One Call and Fork Rent become Ardent Hire Solutions

Date: 28/01/16

Ardent is the name of the new combined company formed by the buyout and merger of established plant hire companies One Call Hire and Fork Rent. Read More

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