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Busy construction sites are homes to dozens of hired-in plant, often from different providers. It can be hard to keep a track of machines and their usage. Ardent’s digital approach does this and notifies users when utilisation drops below a certain threshold, prompting managers to off-hire equipment when it is no longer needed and save cost.

Ardent’s Site Manager platform provides a ‘rear-view window’ of events happening onsite by using the telematics data feed emitted from Ardent’s entire fleet. Site Manager interprets and presents the data in an easy-to-understand report-style live portal. With this indisputable management information, customers gain significantly enhanced control and oversight for operational, production and safety teams across their organisation, plus information on their fleet to specifically:

  • Improve site safety and equipment productivity;
  • Reduce equipment downtime, operating costs, carbon footprint

Ardent’s Site Manager Alerts channels telematics data to notify users of impending equipment damage before it occurs, enabling them to take steps and save cost. Similarly, Ardent notifies managers when safety rules are breached, allowing them to act and prevent injury and loss of life.

The Ardent Digital Platform (ADP) creates certainty from uncertainty. It provides facts and data that allow site managers to improve site planning, reduce costs and ensure adherence to project schedules. It puts telematics information into the palm of the hands of those that need it to manage their sites more effectively. It creates urgency on sites to address unsafe behaviour. And it provides transparency on an unprecedented scale that is transforming not just the hire industry but the way that customers are managing plant on their sites




Full real-time reporting

Easy-to-understand data in the palm of your hand.

Machine Alerts

View the activity, efficiency and safety of your machines.

Fuel and CO2 alerts

View alerts across your division, site or fleet

Site Manager Assistant

Identify areas of concern to reduce equipment downtime, operating costs, carbon footprint.


Real-time drill down of data and alerts.

Email Alert Notifications

Get notified of impending equipment damage before it occurs.



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