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Our Reliability Promise

Date: 22/12/17

We aim to maintain a trustworthy relationship with our customers, by providing them with efficient and reliable services, and equipment. Read More

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Investing in People and Skills

Date: 18/12/17

Our aim is to maintain Health and Safety Protocols, by educating our team to ensure we avoid any risk of accident or injury Read More

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Safe Plant Machinery

Date: 11/12/17

On-site safety is by far, the most essential factor which needs to be considered by plant hire companies Read More

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Telehandler Attachments: Get More Versatility

Date: 05/12/17

Be it a forklift, a sweeper or a crane, telehandlers can be used in a variety of ways just by attaching extensions to it Read More

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Ardent Hire Solutions strengthens its UK coverage with a new fleet of Volvo trucks

Date: 30/11/17

Ardent Hire Solutions strengthens its UK coverage with a new fleet of Volvo trucks Read More

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How can Ardent Plant Hire we provide value to you?

Date: 28/11/17

Providing value to our customers is our main priority here at Ardent hire Solutions Read More

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Glasgow Telehandler hire

Date: 21/11/17

Glasgow is very busy and if you're looking for the right company to help you to overcome these constraints, Ardent are the right people. Read More

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Ardent's safe working practices for Plant Hire

Date: 14/11/17

At Ardent, before any fleet will be available for you to hire, the best working practices are concocted and formalised. Read More

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Why rely on our Plant Hire Solutions?

Date: 01/11/17

The trust our customers put in us as a plant hire solutions company, is very valuable. Ardent live up to that trust by delivering reputable equipment and service across the country. Read More

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Working with a Dedicated Ardent Account Manager in Scotland

Date: 24/10/17

Working within construction in Scotland can be a challenging and demanding industry. If you require the assistance of a specialist plant hire company in order to build and maintain high standards, Ardent is the team to work with. Read More

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The Benefits of a Mini Digger to Your Scottish Construction Project

Date: 19/10/17

Mini diggers are the perfect plant hire option if you are working in tight and confined spaces. This is often the case within large residential or commercial properties and projects within urban landscapes. Read More

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Plant Hire for Confined Glasgow City Centre Construction

Date: 16/10/17

If you are about to embark on a construction project in the centre of Glasgow you’ll understand the many difficulties and constraints Read More

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Warrington Achieves Bronze

Date: 10/10/17

Warrington is Ardent's first depot to be certified to our new 5S 'TechX’ (short for ‘Technical Excellence’) Bronze standard. The principle of 5S is that everything has a place, everything is in its place and you can get your hands on anything... Read More

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Caterpillar E2 Series Excavator Review

Date: 08/10/17

The E2 range of mini excavators from Caterpillar changed the game for excavators, with power and flexibility maintained, whilst emissions regulations were adhered to Read More

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Kubota K008-3 Review

Date: 28/09/17

If you are looking for an excavator that packs a punch whilst being small, the Kubota K008-3 certainly delivers Read More

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Ardent Hire Solutions commits to the next generation by joining The 5% Club

Date: 26/09/17

Ardent Hire Solutions, the UK’s premier plant hire company, has showcased its commitment to the next generation by joining The 5% Club, an industry led initiative focussed on driving momentum into the recruitment of apprentices, graduates and... Read More

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Investing in Health and Safety Processes

Date: 14/09/17

Ardent constantly research and refine health and safety policies within our organisation, from the development of our fleet and the delivery to our clients. Read More

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Driving Forward with Innovative Design and Process

Date: 07/09/17

Our aim is to deliver choice, high standards, user safety at all times and a forward thinking design process that is innovative. Read More

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Nationwide Coverage of Plant Hire for Effective Project Management

Date: 07/09/17

One way in which Ardent stands out from the crowd is through our devotion to servicing our clients no matter where they happen to be located Read More

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Ardent Achieves Gold

Date: 06/09/17

Ardent Achieves Gold Read More

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Save Money Through Fuel Efficiency

Date: 18/08/17

Over 90% of the Ardent fleet adheres to the latest 4i emission standards, allowing you to save up to 34% in fuel budgets Read More

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Security Provisions through Ardent Hire

Date: 14/08/17

With GPS tracking systems for our plant hire we can add that extra layer of security and protection during the period you are looking after and using our machinery Read More

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Using a Large Excavator in Construction

Date: 09/08/17

Our range of excavators allows you to work within tight locations and varied terrain, offering flexibility and efficiency at every turn Read More

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Helping Your Project Run to Budget - The Ardent Promise

Date: 02/08/17

If you are managing a construction project, from a small-scale location to a large, government-funded infrastructure deal, it is important to have complete control over as many elements as possible Read More

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Benefits of Training for Construction Equipment

Date: 23/07/17

It is important to understand the safety features in order to comply with health and safety regulations and to ensure that all staff are safe from harm and understand all potential risks Read More

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Experienced Guidance from Plant Hire Specialists

Date: 16/07/17

Putting together a solid plan of action for a construction project, no matter the size and scope, is a necessity for any site manager. Read More

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Using the Correct Plant Hire for Highway Infrastructure

Date: 10/07/17

Our plant hire specialists we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation to work through your highway infrastructure plans Read More

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What You Need to Know About DPF

Date: 03/07/17

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device that is used to reduce the emissions coming from a diesel engine. Read More

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Plant Hire for a Smashing Sporting Event

Date: 28/06/17

Plant hire is at the centre of a successful event, providing specialist equipment, machinery and safety tools that allow things to run smoothly Read More

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Reducing Noise Levels in Construction

Date: 20/06/17

Looking after the health and safety of your construction team is vital for anyone managing a site, as is the noise pollution control for planning purposes Read More

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JCB Teletruk Review

Date: 11/06/17

The JCB Teletruk was designed to help you save time on a project, save space and to reduce your overheads Read More

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Importance of Reversing Cameras for Your On-Site Safety

Date: 02/06/17

As a plant hire company we understand how important it is to provide our customers with vehicles that are fully equipped to provide the ultimate safety standards Read More

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Toyota FDF25 Review

Date: 09/05/17

If you are looking for a forklift that has been designed and built to take on the most challenging environments and handling applications, the Toyota FDF25 fits the bill Read More

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Rammax Trench Roller Review

Date: 02/05/17

The Rammax 1504 Trench Roller is at the top of the tree when it comes to walk-behind trench rollers within the Rammax Range. Read More

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Plant Hire Services to Meet a Variety of Needs

Date: 01/05/17

We can draw on our experience and understanding in the following areas to provide an unrivalled plant hire service. Read More

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Flexible Plant Hire Company

Date: 01/05/17

Working with a plant hire company should be easy. At least that’s Ardent’s view. The flexibility of our service is one of our key selling points. Read More

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Barratt gives Ardent Supplier Excellence Award for Health & Safety

Date: 01/05/17

Britain’s leading homebuilders, Barratt Homes, has named Ardent Hire Solutions as the winner of the 2017 Barratt Supplier Excellence Award for Health & Safety Read More

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Equipment Rental for Events

Date: 30/04/17

Hiring the right equipment and understanding how to use it effectively is an important part of event planning Read More

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Straight Mast Forklift Uses

Date: 27/04/17

Straight mast forklifts are the upright vertical assembly on the front of the machine, raising and lowering the load Read More

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3 Tonne Dumpers

Date: 23/04/17

At Ardent we understand that for every construction project there is going to be a need for dumpers. Read More

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5 Tonne Excavators

Date: 18/04/17

Sometimes you need that balance between the compactness and flexibility of a mini digger, and the power of a larger excavator. Read More

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Ardent appoints Sales Director

Date: 12/04/17

Ardent Hire Solutions announces the appointment of Leigh Webb as their new Sales Director. Leigh will be joining in June and will be instrumental is steering Ardent’s continued growth. Read More

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£4m Deal Adds Ammann Rollers to the Ardent Fleet

Date: 10/04/17

Ardent Hire Solutions are delighted to announce the latest phase in our £100m investment, with the signing of a £4m deal with A&Y Equipment Ltd. Read More

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How Ardent Can Help You as a Plant Hire Company

Date: 25/03/17

We have the vast fleet of plant hire options to help you get the job done, on time and on budget. Read More

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Attachments to Give You the Versatility You Need

Date: 23/03/17

Within construction there are many hundreds of different tasks that are a requirement, and within each task even more variations. Read More

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A Review of the JCB Hydradig

Date: 15/03/17

There isn’t another wheeled excavator like it on the market today, the JCB Hydradig has been designed to the levels of a masterpiece Read More

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The Importance of Pre-Testing for Your Safety

Date: 05/03/17

At Ardent we go about our pre-testing processes with diligence, because we know you value the health and safety of your staff as much as we do. Read More

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CAT 950K Review

Date: 28/02/17

The CAT 950K wheel loader is remarkable in that it shows a significant difference in design from its predecessors Read More

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Environmental Responsibility of Ardent – The Addition of the DPF

Date: 28/02/17

We certainly are keen to be green at Ardent, putting in thoughtful and well considered policies and equipment on offer Read More

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Safety in the Ardent Depot

Date: 28/02/17

When it comes to the use of heavy machinery and vehicles to be used within construction, engineering and other industries Read More

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Using Telehandlers Safely in Construction

Date: 28/02/17

The use of telehandlers within a construction site offers a range of complex safety problems to find a solution for. Read More

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Sustainable Options with Ardent

Date: 07/02/17

Ardent is committed to improving upon all aspects of our business to ensure our customers can think greener by working alongside us Read More

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JCB 3CX Review

Date: 04/02/17

The JCB 3CX is the latest in a long line of innovative backhoe loaders. Here we take a look at a few of the features Read More

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ROTO: a multi-functional “must-have”

Date: 16/01/17

With a range of functions, 360-degree reach and exceptional manoeuvrability the Roto is one of the most flexible machines in Ardent’s fleet. Read More

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