Experienced Guidance from Plant Hire Specialists

Date: 16/07/17

Putting together a solid plan of action for a construction project, no matter the size and scope, is a necessity for any site manager. Knowing your exact timeframes, budgets, personnel and equipment and machinery you have at your disposal is vital to the whole project coming together smoothly and effectively. Ardent understands this and that is why we offer experienced guidance as part of our plant hire service.

Maximise Efficiency of Use

Learning how to use each type of equipment you are hiring is a great way to maximize the efficiency of each individual on site. The smoother the process of using a piece of equipment the better the overall project will run.

Health and Safety

This is a vital aspect of every workplace, especially where heavy equipment is concerned. With our guidance you can improve standards of on-site safety and reduce the risk of injury and fatalities on your watch.

Alternatives in an Emergency

On any project things can happen that change the focus. With our experts at hand we can offer flexibility and alternative machinery should you be facing a new problem you hadn’t anticipated.

Work Within Tight Constraints

All of these things lead to you having a greater control over the chances of success. Each project is rated a success by its ability to be completed within tight deadlines and budgets. Our expert guidance will help.

If you’d like to find out more about the expert guidance from Ardent’s plant hire specialists, contact our team today and we’ll be happy to assist.

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