CAT 950K Review

Date: 28/02/17

The CAT 950K wheel loader is remarkable in that it shows a significant difference in design from its predecessors, and those that it will eventually fully replace. It has been designed to deliver linkage for maximum visibility whether you are using forks, at truck-bed height, or at other heights of use. So what else can we see with the CAT 950K.

Linkage – When compared with the IT62H, that the CAT 950K is an upgrade for, the simplicity of the linkage in the newer model is clearly apparent.  There is greater tilt force at full tilt; helpful when carrying a heavy loads. When the fork is chosen by the operator parallel lift is provided automatically.

Visibility Down the Boom – The new linkage design is a recognisable Z-bar but different to previous models. The arms of the boom are straighter in the midpoint; with a flatter cross-section ensuring falling debris won’t be trapped around the cylinder body. Everything has been designed with greater visibility the desire, and result.

Power-Train – The tier 4-interim emissions requirements are met in the 950K engine model, with a horsepower rating of 211. It includes a high-pressure common-rail fuel system and clean emissions module and has the space to accommodate additional emissions-control hardware for Tier 4-Final compliance. The transmission has friction material to minimise torque interruption.

Operator – The cab is built around a four-post design instead of 6 in the past, with a seat that is further forward in its placement for increased visibility for the operator. The door has been installed for a wider opening, allowing for better sight lines through more glass in the door, and a rear view camera is displayed in the upper right corner of the cab in full colour.

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