Telehandler Attachments: Get More Versatility

Date: 05/12/17

Be it a forklift, a sweeper or a crane, telehandlers can be used in a variety of ways just by attaching extensions to it. This gives the benefit of performing a wide range of tasks from lifting heavy loads to sweeping roadways.

Ardent Hire Solutions offer you a broad range of attachments for your telehandler, so you can use it in a versatile way. Ardent offers the following telehandler extensions.

1. Fork Extensions

Fork Extenders prove to be an ideal solution for increasing the length of the traditional forks. At Ardent, we deliver you the best quality fork extensions made with heavy duty welded steel. These extensions increase the reach of telehandlers and forklifts and can also lift heavy loads.

2. General Purpose Bucket

A general purpose bucket can be added to the telehandler for carrying sand-like materials which are otherwise hard to handle. This bucket can be used to clean up areas, carrying and dumping loads. It is commonly needed by builders, contractors, brick masons and municipalities.

3. Lifting Bracket

For lifting suspended loads, a telehandler can be equipped with a lifting bracket. It can be tightly attached onto the pallet forks and can lift up to 1000 kg loads.

4. Sweeper Collector

Sweeper collectors are designed to fit nearly all kinds of telehandlers. They are ideal for maintaining sanitation of roadsides, parking lots, private estates and large gardens and parks. Its brush height can be adjusted according to the height of different surfaces.

5. Telehandler Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is an essential device for our diesel engine. It removes diesel particulate matter from the diesel engine by collecting soot particulates from the exhaust gas of diesel engine before they enter the atmosphere.

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