Reducing Noise Levels in Construction

Date: 20/06/17

One of the aspects of a construction site that is a nuisance to the surrounding area and can be damaging in terms of the health of those operatives working on site is high noise levels. No matter the project that is taking place there is always a large number of vehicles, heavy machinery, tools and equipment and manual labour that causes noise. Looking after the health and safety of your construction team is vital for anyone managing a site, as is the noise pollution control for planning purposes.

As part of our efforts to boost our green credentials, and to pass that on to our clients, we support Tier IIIB compliant equipment, and will retro-fit diesel particulate filters (DPF) to plant that isn’t. With a DPF fitted noise levels are reduced by -5 dB and there is an automatic engine idle shutdown system that can be set for a specified period between 1-60 minutes. These efforts will help you reduce noise levels on site.

Ardent is committed to providing plant hire services that constantly look to develop and reduce noise pollution. Reducing noise levels within a construction environment assists developers and project managers in terms of both keeping noise levels at a minimum with regard to the surrounding area of a site, and in reducing the health risks associated with consistent loud volumes for those working on a construction site.

Contact our team today to discuss your plant hire needs and we’ll be happy to put together a plan of action that includes vehicles and equipment with low levels of noise when compared with traditional construction machinery.

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