Straight Mast Forklift Uses

Date: 27/04/17

Straight mast forklifts are the upright vertical assembly on the front of the machine, raising and lowering the load. All forklifts of this nature work through hydraulic displacement for lifting, and gravity for lowering, but there are different mast types with various benefits.

Single Stage Mast – A single stage mast has one channel and a limited lift height. These types of forklift are used for low lift heights. The forks attached to a single stage mast have a limited capability in terms of reach and loads.

Two Stage Mast – Also used for lower lift heights and full free lift applications, the two stage masts are common in high capacity forklifts of 15,000 lbs and above.

Three Stage Mast – The most common of forklifts, the three stage mast has three sections that extend the forks to their maximum lift height capabilities. They are used when a single or double stage mast just isn’t enough, for higher loading and unloading requirements.

Ardent Plant Hire has a range of forklift available as part of our extensive fleet. If you are looking for our upright masted forklifts for your project, contact us today and we’ll be happy to match you to the perfect piece of kit for your needs. We look forward to helping your project run smoothly, on time and to budget.

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