A Review of the JCB Hydradig

Date: 15/03/17

There isn’t another wheeled excavator like it on the market today, the JCB Hydradig has been designed to the levels of a masterpiece, tweaking traditional templates for excavators to make it the best you’ll find for stability, mobility and manoeuvrability, visibility and serviceability.

Visibility – When you’re working in tight, compact locations the visibility is all-important. The JCB Hydradig offers all-round visibility, including the ability to see all four wheels from the operator seat. The engine and other vital components being moved to the chassis means the operator can also view the trailer hitch, dozer and stabilisers from the cab.

Stability – A higher rate of stability when slinging, digging or lifting when compared to competitors, and that despite the Hydradig having a minimal 120mm tail swing. 50/50 distribution of weight between axles has reduced nod and pitch, and the fact the engine and tanks are mounted on all steel chassis provides the operator with confidence of stability on any job.

Mobility & Manoeuvrability – A top speed of 40kph and steeples transmission allows you to travel much quicker and more comfortable between sites than with previous models of Wheeled excavators, with flexibility afforded with 3 mobility modes; highway, site mode and creep mode. Reduced front swing and tail swing, as well as the steering options allow for easy operating processes in even the tightest of working areas.

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