Equipment Rental for Events

Date: 30/04/17

It is big business to stage an event, with organisers putting together large-scale indoor and outdoor events for a wide range of purposes and for staggering numbers of visitors. Most events are temporary, over the course of a few hours or days, and to be successful there has to be a smooth process of set-up, the running of the event itself, and clean-up afterwards.

Hiring the right equipment and understanding how to use it effectively is an important part of event planning, and we can help provide everything you need to run music festivals, large-scale music events, sporting events, exhibitions and much more.

Large scale equipment and machinery will be required in the setting up of an event, with fencing, staging, lighting, mobile toilets and production/accommodation units all required. Throughout and event there will be a requirement to manage vehicle and pedestrian access and put in place protective measures for the surface you are working on. We can offer expert advice and guidance for such measures.

Ardent Plant Hire has a wide range of machinery and equipment that are suitable to help with the smooth hosting of large events. Whether a sporting event, music festival or any other large-scale outdoor event, we have the team in place to help you secure the equipment to ensure a smooth running event under your control. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist with not only the right equipment, but also the specialist advice that you need.

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