Importance of Reversing Cameras for Your On-Site Safety

Date: 02/06/17

Health and safety on a construction site should always be the priority and one way in which you can improve the standards of safety surrounding vehicles on site is to use vehicles and machinery that has reversing cameras. As a plant hire company we understand how important it is to provide our customers with vehicles that are fully equipped to provide the ultimate safety standards, as well as delivering the goods in terms of effectiveness and productivity.

Large vehicles have traditionally been fitted with wing and rear view mirrors to help the drivers when reversing to park, turn or reverse around corners. When you are looking at the safety of not only the drivers but also those working around them on a construction site the addition of reversing cameras to modern heavy-duty vehicles could make a massive difference.

Adding reversing camera systems to vehicles used within construction will significantly decrease the chances of the vehicle being damaged in a collision. It allows for the driver to accurately and clearly see obstacles in the way as they are reversing. It is easy to navigate a route where there are boxes, walls and people.

That is the biggest benefit of reversing cameras. The rise in safety standards will continue to improve, especially when you combine the cameras with reversing sensors, mobile CCTV and the thorough training that operators and pedestrians will have received before working on site.

Speak to the team at Ardent today and we’ll be happy to talk through your on-site needs for plant hire. Everything we deliver has been tested to ensure that safety is paramount, including vehicles with reversing cameras. That way not only is the operator safe, but also those workers in the immediate vicinity, as a construction site is a busy place. We look forward to helping you with plant hire that will deliver.

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