Investing in People and Skills

Date: 18/12/17

Our aim is to maintain Health and Safety Protocols, by educating our team on how to safely handle the machinery and ensure to avoid any risk of accident or injury. For compliance of these protocols, it is important that each and every member of our team and your company, takes part in maintaining safety at worksite.

For this purpose, Ardent invests on providing health and safety training to the team so that they can work in a more responsible and safer way. We also aim towards further development of safe working conditions and practices.

Investment in Health and Safety Training

Ardent invests in training the team on health and safety protocols, and how they can carry out all tasks on the worksite in a secure manner, so they can protect themselves and others from accidents and injuries. And this training is not only provided, but the team members are frequently trained overtime, so the workplace can be made safer than ever. Our new In-House training school provides the standard training programs for the workers and team members.

We Follow the Latest Health and Safety Procedures

Health and Safety legislation for work-place safety is improving day by day. New procedures are developed, and previous strategies are improved in order to make the workplace safer. At Ardent, we focus on adapting the new workplace safety protocols and teach them in our training programs to ensure our workers and team members have up to date knowledge of health and safety legislations.

Health and Safety Focused Management

Every member of our team is trained for health and safety management. From the delivery team to the on-site engineers, all team members have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle heavy equipment. We make sure to invest on the skills and knowledge of each and every member of our team.

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