Using the Correct Plant Hire for Highway Infrastructure

Date: 10/07/17

Large infrastructure projects such as the building of highway systems consist of careful planning, dedicated work and accuracy, and of course the correct tools for the job. Utilising the right type of heavy machinery and equipment to work within tight schedules and budgets is important, and with Ardent you can rest assured that you have specialists on your side.

In order to prepare the surface for the road that is going to be installed on top of it, earthwork machinery will have to be hired. Large materials of rocks and soil have to be removed to make space for the new structure. Excavators will dig the earth to create the space for foundations, with loaders transporting debris off-site and building materials on-site. Dozers will flatten and even the surface ready for the next phase.

Once the foundations have been built there will be a requirement for lifting machinery and tower cranes that can lift heavy materials in a flexible way, especially for those highways that are raised. Roadwork machinery should be hired to remove any unwanted layers of materials, with pavers spreading asphalt and concrete layers and compactors used to prepare the surface for finish.

If you’d like to speak with our plant hire specialists we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation to work through your highway infrastructure plans. Ardent Plant Hire has experience of working with government projects and large infrastructure projects. We understand what it takes to put together the right team and tools for the job at hand. Contact us today for more information.

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