JCB Teletruk Review

Date: 11/06/17

The JCB Teletruk was designed to help you save time on a project, save space and to reduce your overheads, all whilst improving the standards of health and safety on site. If you are looking for a telescopic lift truck to help you improve the productivity of your staff on site, the JCB Teletruk is the perfect addition to your plant hire requirements.

JCB wanted to design a replacement to the conventional vertical mast, with a telescopic boom adding value to the way you can use forklifts on site. With the JCB Teletruk there is no longer the requirement for flat bed lorries to be parked 5m either side when loading or unloading. This alone can save you 50% of space in relation to this task. When you’re talking about the fine margins of construction sites this can make a huge difference.

The safety of the operator has also drastically improved from previous models due to the fact there is no vertical mast in front, opening up an unrestricted view.

One of the other big benefits of the JCB Teletruk is how easy it is to attach and remove attachments. Cutting down time will reduce the cost of a project and allow for a more streamlined and effective process for all operators on site.

To arrange some plant hire for your project, contact the Ardent team today. We understand how to help you maximise the potential of your construction staff through carefully chosen equipment and machinery.


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