Using Telehandlers Safely in Construction

Date: 28/02/17

The use of telehandlers within a construction site offers a range of complex safety problems to find a solution for. If you are in charge of site safety it is important to understand the potential hazards of a telehandler, and how to put in place effective barriers to those hazards.

Understand the Risks

Firstly from a legal standpoint you are required to have segregation in place on site that allows telehandlers to be operated in a completely different area to pedestrians. Traffic management is an integral part of keeping any construction site safe and secure. Alongside that they must always be operated and maintained by fully trained telescopic handler drivers.

The majority of fatal and serious injuries involving telehandlers occur when the vehicle is either moving or lifting. When moving it is possible to hit a pedestrian, especially whilst reversing, or hit a stationary object, knocking it over and causing further damage. When lifting items, a telehandler could potentially overturn, trapping a person underneath or hurting the operator.

Control the Risks

Once you understand the potential hazards involved it is a step closer to putting in place the necessary restrictions and barriers to those risks. In terms of visibility you should always choose a telehandler that has the best visibility, especially for the specific circumstances you require them for.

Understand the ground conditions and never overload the vehicle as this will likely cause a crash or overturning of the telehandler. Aside from that it is important to stick to a sensible speed limit on site and ensure that all persons involved with the use of a telehandler are fully trained.

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