The Benefits of a Mini Digger to Your Scottish Construction Project

Date: 19/10/17

The Benefits of a Mini Digger to Your Scottish Construction Project

Mini diggers are the perfect plant hire option if you are working in tight and confined spaces. This is often the case within large residential or commercial properties and projects within urban landscapes, where excavators are still required to move large quantities of cumbersome materials and debris but there isn’t enough physical space to utilise the attributes of a large digger.

High Levels of Visibility

A mini digger is ideal in confined spaces as it provides the operator with great views from all angles, allowing for safe and efficient use, even in the tightest of environments.

Prevent Damage to Existing Structures

There is always a danger that surrounding structures could be damaged with an excavator, but a mini digger has minimal tail swing. This ensures there is a lower risk of damage to surrounding structures.

Flexible Transportation

A mini digger can be easily manoeuvred around a site, carrying cumbersome and heavy materials and items without the need for special transportation methods, such as trailers. You can also choose whether a digger has tracks or wheels at its foundation, providing flexibility depending on the terrain you are working with.

If you would like to hire a mini digger for your construction project in Scotland, Ardent has a plant hire depot in Glasgow that can help to service your requirements. Give our specialist team a call and we’ll be able to offer expert advice and guidance on your project and help you put together a fleet of equipment and machinery to complete your project on time and on budget.

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