Using Compact Rollers to Tackle any Surface

Date: 15/04/19

Using Compact Rollers to Tackle any Surface

Ardent are specialists in plant hire and our services include compact rollers that can be used for a multitude of purposes. Our clients range from construction and developers, to large-scale infrastructure clients and renewable energy projects. With an extensive fleet and an option of compact rollers to help at various stages of any development and project, we understand how to help you maximise performance, iron out any deficiencies on site and work to time and budget efficiently.

Compact rollers are used on a wide variety of surfaces and at various stages of a project. They are used during the initial phases of a project to help compact a surface prior to foundations being built on a surface, as well as used during repair and maintenance issues on infrastructure projects, and at the end of construction and development projects before the final touches are put in place on surfaces.

Our compact rollers are continuously updated, maintained and repaired, ensuring that our clients have the best choices always open to them. It is important to us that you have the latest tech and the latest in guidance to ensure that all compact rollers are used in a way that is beneficial to the project, of course, but that they are also used in the safest and most secure way to maintain the safety of contractors using them.

Our friendly team is always happy to discuss your specific projects and to advise you with plant hire requirements, including those for rollers to tackle any surface type. Contact us today on 03333 202 555 or

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