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Save Money Through Fuel Efficiency

Date: 18/08/17

Over 90% of the Ardent fleet adheres to the latest 4i emission standards, allowing you to save up to 34% in fuel budgets Read More

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Security Provisions through Ardent Hire

Date: 14/08/17

With GPS tracking systems for our plant hire we can add that extra layer of security and protection during the period you are looking after and using our machinery Read More

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Using a Large Excavator in Construction

Date: 09/08/17

Our range of excavators allows you to work within tight locations and varied terrain, offering flexibility and efficiency at every turn Read More

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Helping Your Project Run to Budget - The Ardent Promise

Date: 02/08/17

If you are managing a construction project, from a small-scale location to a large, government-funded infrastructure deal, it is important to have complete control over as many elements as possible Read More

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Benefits of Training for Construction Equipment

Date: 23/07/17

It is important to understand the safety features in order to comply with health and safety regulations and to ensure that all staff are safe from harm and understand all potential risks Read More

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