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Ardent announces launch of its new Customer Care Centre

Date: 27/07/20

Ardent is pleased to announce the launch of its new Customer Care Centre (CCC) following a business restructure which creates a new, modern, customer focused organisation that is designed to create an exceptional customer experience. Read More

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How to stay safe in a world obsessed with COVID-19

Date: 13/07/20

Safety is like a new-born baby. The moment you take your eye off it is the moment that something bad happens. At times when we’re all preoccupied with social distancing to prevent us from being infected with COVID-19 it’s essential that we... Read More

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The secret that hire companies don’t want customers to know

Date: 30/06/20

Hirers want customers to rent equipment for as long as possible. After all, the longer the equipment is rented, the more money a hire company makes. That much is obvious. As a project nears completion, and equipment is used less, the hire is at its... Read More

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Heat is a killer. Insist on air-conditioning

Date: 15/06/20

When the temperature rises too much it can become a health and safety issue. If people get too hot, they risk dizziness, fainting, or even heat cramps. In very hot conditions the body’s blood temperature rises. If the blood temperature rises above... Read More

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Getting the most usage out of your hired-in plant

Date: 11/06/20

Hire companies exist to hire equipment to customers in the hope that each hire will last as long as possible so that the hire company can maximise their profits. That much is obvious. Read More

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