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How Ardent Works with Industry

Date: 09/05/16

Industry is the engine that powers the UK economy while supporting a vast range of other sectors, such as information technology, energy and manufacturing. Read More

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Is The UK On Track with Renewable Energy?

Date: 06/05/16

The renewable energy sector is a key component in the UK economy, allowing it to become self sufficient and less at risk from economic shocks such as rising and falling world energy prices. Read More

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The EU Referendum and the Housing Sector

Date: 05/05/16

Analysts predict that the UK construction industry would be hit hard if the UK votes to exit the EU Read More

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Housebuilding, Infrastructure and the UK Market

Date: 20/04/16

The UK construction industry is still riding out the waves caused by the economic crash of 2008 and the subsequent slow recovery. Read More

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Keeping Britain’s Lights On

Date: 14/04/16

Equipment hired from Ardent has been used to decommission power stations, and maintain the thousands of miles of UK gas and electricity infrastructure. Read More

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