Career Development

Here at Ardent we are passionate about your career. We have a variety of different ways to help develop our colleagues and provide them with the skills that they need to progress.

Career Trax:

For our hourly paid roles we have mapped out your career from Yard Person all the way up to Operations Director. The Career Trax details the skills and experience required and help you understand how to progress or, if you are looking to move into a new career, the lateral moves to different parts of the organisation that might be available to you. Your progress on Career Trax  and potential next steps will be discussed in your Job Chat  Career Trax are currently available starting as a Fitter, Driver, Customer Service Advisor and Hire Desk Controller.  The Fitter and Driver documents both include Yard Person so you have plenty of options available to you.


Ardent Academy:

We are passionate about learning at Ardent and our wide and varied learning opportunities all sit within our Ardent Academy. To ensure our performance grows stronger and stronger, we have a wide range of learning opportunities available for colleagues and we are constantly expanding the selection. Performance & Development Reviews or Job Chats provide a great opportunity to look at how you can develop within Ardent but, if you want more pace, you are welcome to speak to your line manager at any time about your learning needs.  


Ardent Careers