What Is The Best Excavator To Have On Site?

Date: 20/11/23
What Is The Best Excavator To Have On Site?

Ardent has a huge range of excavators available to hire, from midi and mini excavators through to the larger, traditional excavators that offer a larger size and capacity. It can be difficult to work out exactly what type of excavator is best for your project and circumstances, but that’s where our expert team comes in handy. We have experience as a plant hire company of helping clients in a wide range of industries to find the perfect match for their excavator needs. Each individual model and type of excavator has its own range of power and versatility, which is why our expert assistance will guide you towards the best excavator hire for your upcoming project.

Excavators are used in tasks such as demolition, lifting and grading. To choose the right excavator you need to consider a range of factors. This should include the size and scope of the site in questions, and the tasks at hand, along with your operating costs, and the necessary power required for the tasks ahead.

Different types of excavators

The following will give you an idea of each type of excavator:

Mini and compact excavators

The compact and mini excavators are both a good choice for projects and sites where there is a need to operate within tight, confined spaces. They are mobile and fuel-efficient and can manoeuvre with ease around plots of land for landscaping projects, along pavements and back streets, as well as around buildings where space is at a premium. They offer great versatility without losing that power that you always need and rely on when hiring an excavator. For mini excavators to hire, Ardent has the range of choices that will enhance your project capabilities.

Midi excavators

The next size range up is the midi excavator, or a mid-sized piece of equipment. They are units that provide longer reach and larger depth of dig capabilities, whilst still operating effectively within small areas. On some construction projects where there is a requirement for a greater potential dig capability, but space is still at a premium, a midi excavator provides that power and manoeuvrability in tight spaces, and some come with zero tail swing too.

Traditional excavators

Full-size excavators for hire make up the largest proportion of excavators on the plant hire market This standard size is seen most often within commercial construction projects due to the versatility they possess and the manoeuvrability, alongside the sheer power they provide operators. The power and capacity levels are improved upon the next category down, and the hydraulic features make good use to handle work tool attachments of various purpose, increasing the versatility of use even further.

Large excavators

The largest size of excavators for hire, these provide a great level of power and are the perfect addition to any site where there is the necessity for demolition, construction and any other type of substantial task on site. Where there is a heavy-duty task, these are built to deliver with speed, ease, and efficiency.

If you are looking to hire mini excavators or are interested in traditional excavator hire, along with a wide range of excavator attachments, Ardent is the place to be. We have one of the largest and most comprehensive excavator fleets in the UK, from heavy duty excavators down to compact mini excavators and everything in between. This means, that whether you need digging capabilities within a small space with tight access or a powerful piece of machinery with large capacities to dig and remove dirt, soil, and other materials, our team can help you out. To find out more about how our expert plant lease company can help your project, contact us today on 03333 202 555 or email hire@ardenthire.com.


Jeremy Fish

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