What Do London Plant Hire Companies Offer a Capital Project?

Date: 22/01/21
What Do London Plant Hire Companies Offer a Capital Project?

London plant hire companies worth their salt understand the inherent challenges of working on construction and engineering projects in the capital city. At Ardent, we have plant hire depot options within striking distance of London, ensuring that our clients working on projects in the city know that they have access to our fleet of plant hire options, as well as our expertise, within a fast timeframe. The speed, accuracy, and consistency required in order to be successful with projects of any kind in London means choosing to partner with suppliers and experts that keep your projects moving forward. At Ardent, we have the skills and the experience to back up our reputation and offer the best plant hire service in the capital.

Challenges in London

There are a few challenges to working on construction and engineering projects in London. This is why it is often best to choose suppliers with knowledge of working there. Contacts with London plant hire companies with that experience, like Ardent, will help you to achieve your goals as smoothly as possible.

Working in London quite often means working in tight spaces with restricted access, due to the compact and built-up nature of such a large urban landscape. With a large population, wherever a site is located there are likely to be challenges of noise pollution and carbon emissions, with good working practice required to keep projects moving forward whilst maintaining good relationships with the surrounding areas. Working in London will also come at a higher cost to other parts of the country, which makes it more important to have good relationships with suppliers, such as plant hire companies, that can help you to complete projects to a high standard without costing an extortionately high price.

The benefits of London plant hire companies

There are a few good reasons why you should work with a plant hire company that has experience of working on London projects.

No need for high capital investment

London projects often cost more to run than in other parts of the country. With access to the very best plant hire options, you can utilise the right tools for the job without the massive outlay to purchase them, helping to lower the cost of a project that already might cost more due to its location.

Great delivery

Understanding the importance of punctual delivery of plant, and within often tight site locations with restricted access, takes the pressure off project managers. The delivery of plant hire on specific dates and within a fast turnaround maintains consistency as the project moves forward, without any delays due to potentially difficult access to sites.

No need for storage

Long-term storage is another cost that can add up when working on a project in London. Working with a plant hire company ensures that you only receive the machinery and equipment you need when you need it. This means that there is no need to pay out for storage solutions to hold plant for later on in the schedule.

If you are in search of London plant hire companies that understand the pressures and challenges of working on projects in the capital, look no further than Ardent. We have the experience as a plant hire company of providing stellar support to clients working in tight locations with restricted access in London, through to large-scale projects that require careful planning and delivery of plant hire solutions.

Our experienced team knows exactly what it takes to deliver exceptional plant hire services to projects in London, ensuring that you have everything that you need, on time, and to fit in with your specific needs. We’ll help you meet high standards of health and safety, provide the latest models of plant hire options, alongside full training possibilities. To work with us on your London project, contact our experienced plant hire team by calling 03333 202 555 or by emailing hire@ardenthire.com.


Anuj Patel

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