What Can Agri Spec Telehandlers Do for an Agricultural Business?

Date: 10/04/23
What Can Agri Spec Telehandlers Do for an Agricultural Business?

For the agricultural sector, telehandler hire adds another dimension to the capabilities of a business. At Ardent Hire we have worked with countless agricultural businesses over the years, helping farmers to have access to equipment that enhances precision farming and provides a smooth, robust, and versatile application in an agriculture setting. Agri-spec telehandlers offer a versatile machine that can be used for so many important tasks on site, whilst navigating rough terrain and tricky access points.

The benefits of agri-spec telehandlers for an agricultural business

Telehandlers have become a common fixture in agriculture in recent years. There are many different daily tasks on a farm, for instance, that are completed with greater efficiency if a telehandler is used. This is due to their versatility, reach, and the potential load capacity. One of the biggest benefits when compared with tractors is the increased maximum reach of the telehandler. This makes it very effective at grabbing and depositing materials that are higher and further away. The weight load can be distributed across the retracted or extended boom too, offering greater flexibility in a range of situations.

What tasks does a telehandler help with?

Although tractors have been the dominant machine on farms for so long, there are certain tasks that agri-spec telehandlers are much better equipped to deal with efficiently. Some of the tasks where telehandlers are used effectively include the stacking of logs, the transportation of hay bales, cleaning out stables, and where clearing fields is necessary. With an added attachment, a telehandler can be transformed into the specific machine you need for various tasks with ease. This helps to improve efficiency throughout the site.

In terms of increasing productivity, it is a no-brainer to hire an agri-spec telehandler for a farm or other type of agricultural business. All the manual hours of labour taken up by lifting and moving can be swept away with the precision use and heavy load capability of a telehandler. Where smaller tractors were once required, a telehandler can be used, providing greater lift height capacity, and the manoeuvrability that is so important on site where there is often tight access requirements and rough terrain at every turn.

Ardent and the agricultural sector

Ardent Hire has helped clients within the agricultural sector for many years. We strive to improve the plant hire that we offer to an agricultural business, looking at all the ways in which we can improve the technology, the productivity, efficiencies, and safety on site. We aim to help bring sustainable equipment options, assistance with precision farming technologies, and provide efficient equipment logistics and great customer support at every stage.

With the provision of agri-spec telehandler hire and other agricultural equipment and machinery we are a trusted partner for agricultural businesses, empowering farmers to enhance productivity and to embrace sustainable farming practices. Our focus on sustainability is one of the key parts of our business model. We understand how important it is to put in place environmentally friendly practices within the agriculture sector, and our equipment aligns with this. Our machinery can be adapted to eco-friendly practices, we promote the use of alternative fuel, and our tracking and management processes ensure optimal use of our agri-spec telehandlers and other plant hire equipment we offer.

If you would like to find out more about how Ardent Hire can help your agricultural business, contact us today on 03333 202 555 or email hire@ardenthire.com and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation with our specialist plant hire team.


Anuj Patel

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