The Importance of Having a Plant Hire Depot Near Your Project

Date: 08/01/21
The Importance of Having a Plant Hire Depot Near Your Project

There are many different industries and sectors that rely on a plant hire service to furnish projects with efficient machinery and equipment. Whether you are working on a site project in the middle of a busy city centre location, or on a renewable energy project in a remote part of the country, the demands you place on delivery schedules will undoubtedly be similar. Working with a company that provides access to a nearby plant hire depot helps to ensure optimal functionality on site throughout an entire project and brings with it a whole host of benefits.

Ardent has a reputation that is second to none and with good reason. A network of depot locations throughout the country, offering plant hire solutions to our clients in all locations, is a massive part of this.

Fast and efficient delivery of plant hire wherever you are

A plant hire depot close to your location is the perfect way to receive fast and efficient delivery of plant hire that suits the needs of your project and site location. Ardent works hard to have the very latest options of plant hire available, but this only works as well as it does when you combine it with a nationwide network of depot locations That way, wherever our clients are located, we can provide fast and efficient delivery that suits the specific schedule of your project.

Training delivered on site or delivered close by

Understanding how to safely operate plant is an important part of the health and safety standards applicable on every site, within every industry. Our commitment to providing on-site training, e-training, and training centre access ensures that you will be fully equipped and fully understand how to maximise output with each piece of machinery and equipment we have as part of our plant hire fleet.  

Latest models on time

Access to the latest models of plant is essential to your project. It ensures that your contractors can perform to the highest standards, consistently, and you can guarantee that everything is delivered to you on site, when you require it. If you have been slogging away with an older model of plant and a new model comes on the market, we are constantly evolving our fleet to upgrade the choices available to our clients.

Speedy resolution for maintenance and repair

A plant hire depot close to your project location means that in the event of a breakdown of machinery or equipment, it is much faster to get a replacement or repair completed. For any project, within any type of industry, if you can minimise downtime and disruption, it is much better for the overall health of the project, the budget, and the timescale.

Tight schedules can be easily met with the delivery of different plant on specific dates

A good plant hire service will help your project in many ways, no matter what type of industry you are involved in or the specifics of the current projects and tasks at hand. Knowing that there is a plant hire depot close to your site location certainly puts the mind at ease. It helps with the careful planning stage and working out delivery schedules, whilst also ensuring that if something does go wrong with a breakdown on site, the plant hire service is close by for minimal delays and downtime.

At Ardent we have a network of plant hire depot locations across the UK, covering all of England, Wales, and Scotland. If you would like to take advantage of our expertise in the plant hire industry and have peace of mind that our plant hire services are close by wherever your project site is located, contact us today. You can reach the Ardent team at hire@ardenthire.com or by calling 03333 202 555.


Anuj Patel

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