The Future of Fuel Management on Site

Date: 03/06/24
The Future of Fuel Management on Site

The Ardent team is constantly looking at new ways to improve our plant hire service. We look at acquiring the latest models of plant machinery to boost safety features, to improve efficiencies and productivity, and to add sustainable technologies to our fleet. Making a greener, more sustainable world is key to our future, and there are a few things that we can do, and continue to invest in, that make it more achievable for us as a company and for our customers.

How we can improve fuel management

The following are a few things that we do at Ardent that help us to improve fuel efficiency across the board and helps to create a plant hire contract service for our customers that is constantly improving in terms of cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and safety levels.

Next generation fuel management

Ardent and our partners have created Fuel-IT, a smart fuel tank like no other available in the UK. It is an innovative system that allows for precision of fuel tracking at an individual asset level. What this means is that you have a versatile solution that works on a wide range of sites and has an integrated fuel dispensing hub. You have security and flexibility of fuel use and can manage all fuel related data with ease and accuracy, with real-time, critical data secure and accessible in the cloud.

Upgrade fleet

We are continuously searching for the latest and next models of machinery and equipment that offer better fuel efficiency, better standards, and help our customers to improve performance on site no matter what type of plant hire contract they have with us. Replacing older vehicles and machines helps to improve safety standards, performance, and lowers costs.

Training for operators

Providing a higher standard of training (both in-person and through better documentation) to operators is a good way to improve standards and efficiency of operations. Operators working at the peak of their skills and expertise will work in a more fuel-efficient way.

Optimise movement of vehicles

With better data and tracking capabilities, you can track deliveries, ensure accurate data of the movement of machinery, and optimise the use of all fleet on site. This will ensure a higher chance of fuel efficiency as vehicles move through optimal routes and waste less time in transit.


We ensure that all our plant hire clients receive vehicles and machinery that are fully maintained between hires. This improves levels of efficiency and lowers the chances of downtime due to breakdowns.

Smart fuel technology with Ardent

The future of fuel management on site is all about sustainability, higher rates of accountability and transparency of fuel data to ensure that sites and projects are working to optimal levels at all times. We understand that it is always important to evolve and look for new ways to improve our service, and with our smart fuel tank technology, we are providing our customers with the best way to boost fuel efficiency, to lower their carbon footprint, and to lower long-term costs as a result.

If you would like to discover more about Fuel-IT and our plant hire service, and what it could mean for your business and up-coming projects, please feel free to speak to a member of our experienced team today. You can reach us by emailing hire@ardenthire.com or by calling us on 03333 202 555, where we can arrange a consultation to talk through your project and site fuel needs and where we can help you improve for the future.


Anuj Patel

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