Reasons To Choose Telehandler Hire For Your Next Project

Date: 06/11/23
Reasons To Choose Telehandler Hire For Your Next Project

Telehandlers provide an essential piece of machinery on myriad sites across multiple industries. They allow you to move heavy, cumbersome, and awkward materials in a fast, smooth, and safe manner, even for the tightest of spaces and the highest of heights. Finding the right type of telehandler hire for your specific project goes a long way to improving levels of efficiency, and by working with Ardent, you have access to an experienced and knowledgeable plant lease company with an extensive fleet of plant machinery to choose from.

Why you should look for telehandler hire

There are several arguments as to why you should consider telehandler hire for logistics, warehouse capabilities or within construction projects. A telehandler is a cost-effective choice for many projects, and sensible too, as long as you have trained operators with the knowledge of health and safety to operate them effectively and within safe limits.


Telehandler hire provides you with a versatile machine that offers high and consistent standards of effectiveness as a result. There are a wider range of tasks that can be completed with a telehandler, rather than using multiple machines and manual labour, as would have been the case traditionally. This can be seen most effectively in the case of loading and unloading heavy goods to a great height on site, especially in tight and constricted spaces where it is difficult to unload and move materials safely.

Increased safety levels

Safety should always be a priority, and by working with a plant hire company to source your telehandler for a project, you can ensure that you have access to the latest and safest models. This means that whatever telehandler hire agreement you come to, you know that you are using the best version available to you, which will only go to boost safety standards on site. A telehandler provides stability and reliability, with good levels of visibility allowing for the operators to remove debris on the ground and to manoeuvre into safe position to load and unload heavy materials from different heights and angles.

Telehandler hire makes economic sense

Even if you require the use of a telehandler for long periods of time, it might still make more economic sense for your company to look for a telehandler hire agreement with a plant lease company, rather than purchase a telehandler outright. To buy machinery of this type includes a large financial outlay, and beyond that you are also financially responsible for any maintenance and repair issues. On top of that, the machine will depreciate in value from the moment you purchase it, and as time goes by, you’ll still be using an older model, as newer, more efficient models of telehandler become available on the market. With any project there is a need to balance the books and work within, often, tight budgets, and working with a plant lease company helps you to do so without diminishing the standard of completed work on site.

Ardent has a wide range of options if you are looking for telehandler hire for your next project. Whether you require some assistance with the logistical side of your business for a short-term project, or you are looking for a plant lease company to help with long-term logistics within a warehouse or production area, telehandlers provide much needed strength and versatility to move heavy materials quickly, safely, and at height if necessary. We have the experience of delivering a high and consistent standard of customer service to all our clients. If you would like to find out more information about our telehandler hire and other plant lease services, contact us on 03333 202 555 or email hire@ardenthire.com.


Jeremy Fish

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