Plant Hire Service For Live Events: A Guide

Date: 12/02/21
Plant Hire Service For Live Events: A Guide

There are several challenges that are inherently present when holding large live events, especially those that are held outdoors. Once you have a definitive date and location set for an event, there should be a long planning stage built in to ensure that everything is ready and in place well before the day itself. One of the best things that you can do when planning a live event of any kind is to speak with a specialist plant hire service. At Ardent, we have an experienced team with the expertise to help you pull off a live event as smoothly and professionally as possible, furnishing you with everything that you need in terms of machinery and equipment.

Plant hire in the live events industry is used in a similar way as it is in construction. There are various tasks that require the use of machinery and equipment that help to complete tasks quickly, efficiently, and with high standards of safety.

The different stages of plant hire for live events

There are three stages of production for live events where plant equipment is commonly used.

The pre-event planning stage – This is always key to the success of the event. The pre-event stage requires perfect, detailed planning, as this is where plant equipment is hired to prepare and maintain the ground where the event will take place. Temporary structures for stages, production, supplies, and other backstage structures are erected. Plant equipment can also be hired for indoor events.

During the event – Plant equipment is used for safe and effective internal logistics, to provide a good level of safety for all event attendees and to help with security and first aid protocols.

Post-event – Post-delivery is an important part of every event and is helpful in those instances where there is a tight deadline and turnaround on site, due to the space being used for another event or your event being relocated to another location in a short space of time.

What type of plant hire is required for an event?

Every single event is unique, whether it is an outdoor or indoor event, has a large number of attendees or is a smaller event, for sport, music, or other purposes. Some of the following plant machinery is what you can expect to use for a live event.

Forklift – Forklifts designed for rough terrains are perfect for moving heavy loads and materials across uneven ground during the pre-event phase of a live event. They are also useful in the post-delivery of an event.

Telehandlers – The flexibility of a telehandler makes it an important piece of machinery to have on site for the duration of a live event, an all-rounder that can help with stages, loading and unloading of materials, and high-level platform use.

Excavators – Instead of digging, you’ll see excavators often used in live event production for safe lifting and installation tasks, as an alternative to hiring a large crane. This offers stability on uneven ground and helps for both pre-event and dismantling tasks post-event.

Live events take plenty of care, planning, and dedication. The best live events, whether a sporting event, a music concert, summer fayre or any type of industry event, are completed with an eye for detail and assistance from professional, expert sources where applicable. A plant hire service such as the one that Ardent provides our clients, is the perfect answer to the questions and logistic challenges that a live event throws up every single time. We can help you with whatever live event projects you have coming up, with years of experience in the industry, providing the latest and safest plant hire to furnish your live event and to help you from the planning stage to execution and beyond.

As every good plant hire service should, Ardent has plant hire depot locations at various locations throughout the UK, ensuring that no matter where your live event is taking place, our team is at hand with support and the latest models of plant hire to help you put on the best event possible. Speak to a friendly member of the professional Ardent plant hire team by calling 03333 202 555 or email us at hire@ardenthire.com and we’ll arrange the best time to discuss your plant hire requirements in detail.


Anuj Patel

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