How Sustainability Is Built In To Your Plant Hire Services Agreement

Date: 11/12/23
How Sustainability Is Built In To Your Plant Hire Services Agreement

Our plant hire services have been designed with sustainability in mind, and everything that we do is geared towards helping us, and our customers, to lower carbon footprints, to see a reduction in emissions, and to improve the quality of performance within our fleet of plant hire options. There are a few ways in which we have built our plant lease company to deliver on this promise, and there are a few benefits to working with a sustainable plant hire company too.

What are the benefits of sustainable plant hire?

There are a few benefits to sustainable plant hire, helping our customers promote a way of working that is environmentally-friendly.

  • Lower your carbon footprint – offering sustainable plant hire is a way of helping our organisation and our customers to reduce emissions and work in an environmentally-friendly way that lowers their carbon footprint.
  • Meet regulations – as environmental regulations are imposed from above, by working in a more sustainable fashion, we can help our customers to meet these targets and to stay ahead of future regulations.
  • Cost-effective approach – sustainable plant, especially if you have used plant hire services, will help you to make long-term cost savings linked to reduced fuel consumption, less need for maintenance and repairs, and operational savings linked to consistent performance standards.

The sustainable approach

Being fuel and carbon efficient is our number one environmental priority. We continuously evolve our fleet, improving the fuel efficiency by replacing older models whenever possible. Heavy investment in new transport solutions also adds to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, meeting the latest emission standards and partnering with suppliers that have the same environmental outlook and ideals as we do.
We also offer our customers the chance to carbon offset, where we partner with projects that have a big carbon reduction impact, benefitting communities across a whole range of projects and locations. We calculate the average emissions of each product in order to work out a fair way to put money towards carbon offsetting for the coming year.

One of the sectors that we work closely with is the renewable energy sector, assisting in massive renewable energy projects by supplying fuel-efficient plant to help with building windfarms and other renewable projects. These types of projects resonate strongly with our ideals and helps us to bring a sustainable future closer for every one of us.

We have a commitment to working sustainably as a company, and this is passed on to our customers in everything that we deliver. It is important to us that we don’t just pay lip service to environmental concerns and sustainability within plant hire as a concept. Our plant hire services are designed to have sustainability at its core, for every client, for every project, and every piece of machinery and equipment that we have to offer as part of our plant hire services.

If you are committed to working in a sustainable manner, and you wish to utilise the services of a plant hire company that thinks along the same lines and has the same ideals as you do, Ardent is the perfect match. Our experienced team understands the need to push forward with a sustainable approach, consistently looking to evolve and upgrade our fleet with the latest models that have lower emissions and greater operation capabilities without diminishing performance or costing too much. Everything we do is aimed at building trust and delivering consistently high standards that our customers can rely on. To find out more, contact us by calling 03333 202 555 or email our team at hire@ardenthire.com and we’ll arrange a conversation at your earliest convenience.


Anuj Patel

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