How Does a Plant Hire Company Help the Renewable Energy Sector?

Date: 08/01/24
How Does a Plant Hire Company Help the Renewable Energy Sector?

Our plant hire service is designed to work with companies that operate within a wide range of sectors and industries. One of the most important sectors of the modern age is the renewable energy sector. As there is a push to reach Net Zero by the government, and wider public support for the use of renewable energy sources, the creation, and maintenance, of renewable energy projects is crucial to reaching a sustainable future for all. Within this field there are many different ways a plant hire company can help.

Assistance with renewable energy projects

The first thing to say is that with our help, renewable energy projects can utilise our fleet of plant hire to help build and maintain sites over a long period of time. We supply plant to contractors working on new infrastructure for low and zero-carbon technology. With the assistance of our team and the use of our machinery and equipment, renewable energy sites can be built and set-up in any location. We can provide lease agreements to projects in remote locations, as you’ll find most renewable energy projects are located in places where they can take advantage of the wind, water or sunlight. As with any other sector, our clients choose us for our reliability, efficiency, and customer service standards.

Cleaner technology

Where we also help the renewable energy sector is in our choice of technology with all our clients. The rise of cleaner plant has been coming for some time and we are at the forefront of the industry. With any new electric vehicle or machinery, any new technology that lowers emissions or increases efficiencies and power consumption, we are there with new models that constantly evolve our fleet and provide the greenest options to our clients.

Sustainable fuel solutions

At Ardent Hire we are always looking for new ways to evolve our service and to provide better and more effective ways for our clients to become more sustainable and to use renewable energy where possible. With the creation of Fuel-IT, we now provide the most advanced smart fuel tank in the UK, the next generation in fuel management. It provides precise fuel tracking and level monitoring at an individual asset level, an innovative solution that promotes transparency and is suitable for both small and large sites as a reliable and efficient fuel storage solution.

Ardent and sustainability

One of our core ideals as a plant hire company is that we want to work towards a sustainable future for all. We work with projects that are building and maintaining renewable energy sources, and we look to improve what we offer in terms of models of equipment and machinery, and our service, to ensure that our carbon footprint continues to decrease on each single project and overall, as a plant hire company. We believe, that by working in this way we can show the way forward and inspire our clients to do more where they can.

Our team has the experience and skills to work with a wide range of companies and in many different industries and sectors. When it comes to renewable energy projects, we always want to be in the vanguard of a positive future for all. Working closely with the renewable energy sector pushes us to be better at what we can deliver in terms of equipment, machinery, and service, cutting emissions and delivering the highest standard of product and service to every single client, with a greener future in mind. To find out more about what we can do for your renewable energy project, contact our team today on 03333 202 555 or email us hire@ardenthire.com.


Anuj Patel

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