Free Training On The Ardent App

Date: 28/06/21
Free Training On The Ardent App

Free training on the Ardent app
The Ardent app has been big with site managers and foremen because it makes life so much easier. With access to over £200million worth of top-quality equipment at the touch of a button, all with an average age of under two years, it has revolutionised the UK plant hire industry. But easy ordering and off hires is just the beginning of the useful features available on the app.

Work sooner and safer
As well as helping you get the equipment you need, quickly and easily, the Ardent app will also help the operators who are using it. Every mini excavator hire or telehandler hire is subtly different in ways that can affect both performance and safety. By accessing the familiarisations via the Ardent app, without having to leave the site, your team can get to work sooner and safer than ever before. What’s more, they can always refer back to the app at any time to refresh their understanding as their work progresses.

Save precious time
We all know that time is money, but in the construction industry that is particularly true. Anything that delays work on site will extend the duration of the job, with every hour and everyday costing thousands of pounds. If those delays extend beyond the contracted deadline then the late completion penalties can take an even larger cut of your potential profits. That’s where the Ardent app can really save you time and money with your plant hire needs.

Quick start checklists
The Ardent app puts all the information you need right in the palm of your hand, in the driving seat of your machine. Daily checklists for safety and general operation are available on demand, on site, on your mobile device, wherever the equipment is located. This means your operators can get working faster without compromising on the performance of the equipment or the safety of themselves and their colleagues.

On-site problem solving

Even with a fleet that is on average under two years old, there will inevitably be gremlins and breakdowns along the way. Naturally, Ardent offers prompt, on-site service and support to back up all of our equipment, but with the app you could get going again even sooner. Ardent app   users can directly access a  series of short films that explain the most common causes of problems, and more importantly, offers instructions on how to fix them, fast, without the help of a field engineer. All equipment carries a prominent QR code, which can direct users to online versions of the site support films. This will often get your team back on schedule far quicker than waiting for a service call.

The whole of Ardent behind you
With the Ardent app, your team will have all the experience and expertise of the Ardent organisation in their pocket at all times. This not only makes them more efficient, more productive and more likely to comply with all safety and maintenance measures, it also helps them to feel more supported, even on the largest of sites. Nobody wants to risk showing their ignorance to their co-workers and supervisors by asking a silly question, but with the Ardent app, they can get all the answers they need, instantly, whenever they need them. 

From simple step-by-step checklists, to familiarisations and fault fixes, the Ardent app has everything you need to empower your team and get the best out of every plant hire.


Jeremy Fish

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