Do Telehandler Attachments Make a Big Difference to Cost Savings and Versatility?

Date: 22/05/23
Do Telehandler Attachments Make a Big Difference to Cost Savings and Versatility?

Telehandler hire in itself provides many of our clients with the perfect tools to complete tasks to a high and consistent standard on a multitude of sites and project types. When you consider the positive impact that telehandler attachments can also have on a project, it is a no-brainer that you would look to attachments to add even greater versatility to a telehandler hire service that already provides you with so much power and precision.

What can you expect from telehandler attachments?

With such a wide range of telehandler attachments on the market today, we do our best to ensure we are consistently upgrading and updating what is on offer to our clients, as we do with all aspects of our plant hire service.

Telehandler attachments enhance what is possible for you on site, boosting the functionality of the telehandler and ensuring that you have a specialised tool attached to perform tasks to a high standard and beyond the primary function of the telehandler itself.

As with any plant hire service we offer, you’ll also have access to the latest models of telehandler attachments, ensuring that standards are at the highest possible point, and that safety is key. The latest models of any plant hire come from a place of innovation and a drive for safer models year on year. With telehandler attachments the same thing is true, we’ll provide you with access to the latest models, so that there is nothing better you can use to stay safe and improve productivity.

With the use of attachments, you’ll cut costs through removing the need for multiple machines and pieces of equipment required for multiple tasks, reduce manual labour requirements of your contractors on site, and maximise levels of efficiency for your project as a whole. In essence, this is one of the most effective ways that you can streamline your site operation, improving adaptability and productivity.

Examples of telehandler attachments

Attachments we have available as part of our plant hire service include:

General bucket attachment –  our general purpose bucket is designed to help you clean up your site, to load, carry and dump a wide variety of materials.

Fork mounted sweeper – this large capacity bucket allows for a longer sweeping cycle and optimum performance levels, and the in-cab operation maximises productivity.

Lift hook – an incredibly strong lifting hook that offers a level of robustness and durability that is important on site. It is a heavy-duty attachment that is available in a range of sizes.

Tipping skip – an auto-look tipping skip designed to reduce risks when emptying materials. The automatic mechanism locks the forks when elevated, providing stellar driver safety.

If you would like to make your telehandler hire more of a Swiss army knife, with a whole host of potential telehandler attachments for hire, please feel free to speak to our friendly and experienced team here at Ardent. We have been helping clients in myriad industries for many years, guiding and offering advice on specific projects and tasks, site challenges, budgets, and planning, to ensure that you always have the best plant hire service that fits your specific requirements, budgets and deadlines. Our telehandler hire service is second-to-none, but we also have an exceptional array of telehandler attachments that you can to your plant hire contract and make an even bigger impression on your project.

You can contact the Ardent team by calling 0333 202 555 or you can email us at hire@ardenthire.com and we’ll set up a time to discuss your requirements with you. We are here to help our clients to maximise the potential of any project, ensuring that you have the correct machinery at the right times of your schedule to optimise performance and maintain high standards of safety.


Anuj Patel

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