Carbon Neutral Deliveries and Collections for a Second Year Running

Date: 21/09/21

Carbon Neutral Deliveries and Collections for a Second Year Running

Ardent Hire is pleased to announce that it has offset the emissions from its 55 x HGV fleet with ClimateCare for a second year running. Ardent’s investment offsets 4,475 tonnes of CO2 meaning that all customer deliveries and collections are carbon neutral for a second year running. ClimateCare are the UK’s leading B Corp and provide offsetting programmes for companies around the world including Jaguar Land Rover, Aviva, the Co-op and many more.

Jeremy Fish, CEO, says, “Our industry needs to make every effort to reduce its carbon footprint as much as we can. For emissions we cannot reduce now, we should offset.” Offsetting tackles climate change by making real reductions in amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere that would not have happened otherwise; providing funds for renewable technologies and energy efficient solutions; and, raising awareness of the impact that our lifestyles have on the climate, encouraging us to do more to reduce our carbon footprint

Fish continues, “We choose to work with ClimateCare because of their reputation as expert providers of climate neutral solutions for private- and public-sector organisations. Their core mission of improving lives and tackling climate change aligns strongly with our ethos and we’re delighted to be partnering with them to deliver our carbon offset programme.”

ClimateCare’s projects follow the same robust process of design, monitoring and independent verification set down by the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). They also meet a recognised international standard for emission reductions. ClimateCare develops projects to comply with the CDM, Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. Their work has played an important role in the development of the voluntary carbon market and their project principles have widely influenced the debate about what counts as a valid carbon offset.

Ardent’s funds are used to offset emissions from a portfolio of projects around the world that cut global carbon emissions. These projects include, among others, Gyapa clean cookstoves in Ghana and wind farms in India.  The Gyapa stove project, for example, makes and sells locally-produced efficient cookstoves which cut emissions, reduce exposure to toxic fumes and decrease fuel bills. The funding from carbon credits supports multiple facets of the project’s operation and expansion, and has recently been used for marketing, quality control and building a new manufacturing facility. All the projects are certified to the highest possible standards within the carbon market to ensure that the emissions reductions are real and verified.

Fish concludes, “We’re implementing a carbon management plan to reduce our emissions over time.  While we reduce our emissions, we need to take responsibility for what we continue to emit by offsetting our residual emissions through high-quality carbon credits. We choose to offset these emissions through international projects that cut carbon and improve lives. And by working with ClimateCare we ensure that our offset programme is of the highest quality and delivers real impact.”

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