Back to School with Ardent Hire

Date: 07/09/22
Back to School with Ardent Hire

It’s time for learning as the Autumn school term gets under way. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and it’s no different in our industry. In particular, we’re amazed at how many customers are looking for better value from their plant hire suppliers yet they ignore the abundance of data that’s now commonly available from telematics that can save them thousands of pounds in some instances.

Ardent has been using telematics data for several years and all our fleet is telematics enabled. Our multi-award-winning platform, Site Manager, provides a single interface allowing customers to see the operation of all their equipment. This makes it easy to assess performance and identify savings opportunities. Site Manager helps improve safety as well. And rather than sending lots of information to users, we only send information where we think users need to do something – either to reduce costs, improve productivity or improve safety. Our exceptions-based approach means that managers are not cluttered with irrelevant data. They can go about their day knowing that when they receive an update from Ardent that it’s important and they need to do something. 

Colleagues often ask how much training is necessary and what logins are required if you’re a site manager? The answer is none! Site managers just need a mobile phone that’s capable of receiving emails and texts. No logins or passwords are required. Everything is self-explanatory. The system is designed for busy people who have lots of priorities and tasks to manage simultaneously.

Ardent also offers a comprehensive back-office system called Ardent InSite that allows customers to manage every aspect of their hires online. The system provides a complete digital end-to-end experience that improves efficiency and reduces back-office costs. Data can be downloaded from InSite into Excel for customer reporting. It’s even possible to pay invoices through InSite. And there’s no charge for InSite; it’s provided to customers as part of the outstanding service they get from Ardent.

In our industry there’s a new way to get value. The digital way. And customers who embrace technology, data and digitisation as part of this approach are likely to be delighted with the results they obtain as well as the savings they will make and the improvements in productivity and safety.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more: 03333 202 555 or email digital@ardenthire.com


Jeremy Fish

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