A Guide to Roto Telehandler Plant Hire

Date: 08/05/23
A Guide to Roto Telehandler Plant Hire

A specialist in materials-handling, the range of roto telehandler hire at Ardent provides you with a bedrock for any project you are working on. You’ll have access to a top-quality machine that provides you with the capabilities of a telehandler, a crane, and a mobile access platform in one piece of machinery.

Roto telehandler hire provides many businesses with access to a much-valued and popular piece of machinery. Rotos, or 360 degree telehandlers, as they are also known, have an extended boom that is mounted on a rotating structure on the upper part of the machine, in a similar fashion to a mobile crane. What you get with a roto telehandler is access to three machines in one, an all-round telehandler that provides you ultra-flexibility and versatility whilst maintaining high standards of productivity and efficiency.

Roto telehandlers are popular on the vast majority of construction sites, and for good reason. They offer the highest levels of efficient load distribution and unloading, with precision control that allows for the most efficient operations on site. By combining the three aspects of function in one machine, the versatility levels are off the scale. For any construction site and project, this helps to reduce the need for multiple machines to be hired or purchased for use on site and makes it easier to perform multiple tasks without the need of repositioning or replacing machinery. All of this without there being a diminishing return in performance. This truly is a jack of all trades, a master of all.

Another major aspect of roto telehandlers that cannot be ignored is that they have great manoeuvrability on all sites. It doesn’t matter if your construction site is restricted for space, a roto telehandler can manoeuvre in incredibly tight spaces, with a compact turning circle that makes it the perfect choice where cranes would initially be the choice for lifting capabilities but where they just cannot be present due to space restrictions. Even within these tight restrictions, your operators will have the option to lift heavy materials in a tight space and to great heights, without worrying about stability and safety, which both remain of paramount importance.

The handling of roto telehandlers is superb too, with ease of movement and stability on a wide range of terrains, even the most challenging of site terrains and surfaces, as are often the case on construction sites. Safety should always be a priority on site, and this stability is key to operator safety and for the safety of any other person on site.

Working with Ardent, you’ll have access to a team that has a history of experience and skills in not only roto telehandler hire, but a whole host of plant hire services. By discussing your upcoming project in detail with us, we can offer the perfect advice and guidance to ensure your lifting capabilities on site are the most effective and safest possible.

If you are interested in finding out more about our roto telehandler hire service and the technical aspects, please feel free to contact the knowledgeable and friendly Ardent plant hire team. You can reach us by calling 03333 202 555 or by emailing us at roto@ardenthire.com. You can also read more by downloading our technical guide to roto telehandlers here.


Anuj Patel

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