Our innovative edge

Ardent are constantly innovating to improve our service, enhance your hire experience and save you money.

We regularly review every area of our operations to see how we can do things better, more efficiently and more sustainably, and we’re constantly introducing innovations, from new equipment to new working practices, to help us, and our customers, to be the best we can be.


Innovative operations

We’ve introduced iPad based deliveries to cut paperwork and reduce errors to an industry leading rate of <0.5%. This new system avoids lost paperwork on site, eliminates illegible handwriting and signature problems, and ensures that all parties are updated, in real time, with the same accurate delivery and collection information.

We’ve also introduced email invoicing, avoiding the need for post processing, form filling and filing, which cuts back-office costs for our customers, and cuts paper waste from the environment.

Innovative equipment

Ardent don’t just provide hire plant and equipment, we directly influence the equipment that is available to hire. As a leading UK hire company, we work closely with the major manufacturers to ensure that their products meet the needs of our users, both in effectiveness and efficiency.

Like the majority of our customers, we are committed to sustainability, and we are constantly pressing our suppliers to share that agenda and make their equipment as energy efficient and sustainable as possible.

Innovative sustainability

At the other end of the scale, Ardent’s innovations help individual customers to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability. We provide training on all equipment at point of delivery, to ensure that operators know how to get the best out of every machine and operate it in the most efficient way.

This is backed up by telematic monitoring of all machines on site, which gives our customers an accurate picture of how efficiently their equipment is being used, and how that efficiency can be improved.