JCB 540-200

JCB 540-200 Overview

Ardent were the first to buy JCBs 540-200 and is now available for hire. With a 4 tonne maximum lifting capacity, and 20m lift height this is the largest telehandler in our range and is more than a match for cranes and rotos resulting in potential savings of both time and money hiring additional machines. Forward reach capability (200kg at 15.9m, 1500kg at 8.9m) means the 540-200 can reach across typical building foundations with ease. Servo hydraulic joystick with proportional hydraulics enabling simultaneous lift and extend operations from one lever A compact, affordable, alternative to cranes and roto machines 3 mode steer system with short length and compact footprint for maximum manoeuvrability Precise load placement and responsive State-of-the-art LiveLink telematics system with built in security New 5 stage, high grade material boom with double acting auxiliary hydraulics as standard, enabling the fitment of a wide variety of attachments such as hydraulic winches Excellent forward visibility / Large glass area / Large cab Comfortable seating with ergonomic controls Hydraulic chassis sway for accurate pick up and placement of loads on gradients (specification with stabilisers extended)

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