Roto & Heavy Lift Telehandlers

Hire one of our Rotating Telescopic Handlers for continuous 360 degree reach capabilities combined with impressive load heights. A true materials handling specialist, our Rotating Telehandler range offers precision control and efficient load distribution and unloading thanks to adjustable outriggers.  The rotating tele-handler (Roto) is widely recognised as one of the modern construction site "must have" machines with its versatility combining the advantages of a telehandler, a crane and an access platform in one unit. This makes the Roto the most flexible, multi-purpose plant on site today.  Their precision control through 360 degrees combined with exceptional manoeuvrability in tight conditions and a compact turning circle allow the Roto to bring lifting to areas of sites inaccessible by cranes and whether the machine has stabilisers deployed or retracted, the Roto offers absolute stability and safety.  The Roto Telehandler is versatile and can work in total safety on a wide range of terrains and as you would expect from industry leaders Manitou & Merlo, handling of the Roto is both intuitive and easy to control with precision electro-hydraulic control joysticks operating the precision movements of the boom with lifts of upto 29m. 

Contract Lifting Services

Our contract lifting service offers a full end-to-end management of your total project requirements. Our service includes planning the lift, selecting and supplying the suitable equipment and skilled operatives to carry out your project requirements, slinging and signalling arrangements, supervising the lift and be responsible for the lifting operation.

For more information about our Contract lifting services contact us on 03333 202 555 or email:

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