Providing value to our customers

Sustainability isn’t just about saving the environment, it also saves money for our customers, through cutting fuel bills, reducing admin costs and working more efficiently.

At Ardent, we work closely with all our customers to ensure they gain the maximum benefits from sharing our commitment to sustainability in their choices, their operations and their administration. Your sustainability goals are our sustainability goals, and we are pleased to collaborate with you to find the best way of reaching them.

Reduced running costs

Ardent has one of the youngest, most efficient fleets in the industry, which can save our customers up to 34% in fuel costs over the duration of their hire. We make sure that all machines are delivered in peak condition, with regular servicing to guarantee they are working at maximum efficiency.

What’s more, we’ll help you to monitor and manage their use, through state of the art telematics, so that you can track efficiency and identify areas that can be improved.

Reduced admin costs

Ardent has streamlined its administration systems to minimise paperwork and maximise efficiency. We deliver and collect all machines using our innovative iPad system, and send out all our invoices and other paperwork via email. This has massively reduced the volume of paper used by our operations, as well as significantly cutting admin costs.

Reduced errors

Our unique iPad delivery system has cut our error rate to an industry leading level of <0.5%. This not only saves our customers time and inconvenience, but also reduces the emissions created by unnecessary journeys. At Ardent we get things right first time, so you don’t have to waste time, energy and fuel sorting out problems.