Helping protect the environment

At Ardent, we work hard to protect the environment in every area of our business, from our offices to our on site operations.

Helping to protect the environment

Sustainability is about much more than grand gestures; it must be applied to everything we do if it is to be truly effective. Here are just some of the ways in which we have changed the way we work to make Ardent a more sustainable company:

  • 100% of company cars meet latest emission standards
  • All equipment is IIIb or 4i compliant
  • All transport vehicles are IIIb or 4i compliant
  • We recycle 4.5 tonnes of paper and card
  • We’ve upgraded printers to use 30% less energy
  • 83% of all lights are LEDs
  • All workshops use oil heaters, saving 20% on energy bills