Continuous sustainable growth

Sustainability is, by definition, more than just a one off project; it is an ongoing commitment to the environment that can be sustained for the life of the business.

At Ardent, sustainability runs through everything we do, including our plans for rapid growth within the industry. We aim to create a company that expands in an environmentally friendly way, creating sustainable solutions at every stage.

Investing in the future

One of the main drivers for our sustainable future is our massive investment in the newest and most energy efficient plant and equipment available. We are investing £100m in our fleet to create the youngest fleet in the industry.

And it doesn’t stop there. We aim to deliver as sustainably as possible too, and have recently invested in several new tri-axle step-frame trailers for our delivery fleet. These trailers are specially designed for efficiency, with innovative fold-forward ramps that reduce drag. This has reduced delivery fuel costs by 15 per cent and reduced the carbon footprint of each delivery.

We’re also investing in new depots across the country, to expand our nationwide coverage. This will not only increase availability for our customers, but also reduce delivery distances and the associated emissions.

Constant renewal

Our constant investment is underpinned by our active sales force, who ensure that there is a constant throughput of assets through our business. Every machine in our 5000 strong fleet is available for sale, and as each is sold, it is replaced by a newer, more fuel efficient hire asset. This constant turnover creates further investment funds to back up our £100m investment, helping us to maintain the youngest and most sustainable fleet in the industry today.

Investing in the best

92% of the Ardent fleet comes fully 4i compliant, to guarantee that your site complies with the very latest emissions regulations. This means that our equipment is ready for use across the country, including within the London area where emissions standards are that much tougher.

We also service every machine every 500 hours, changing air, oil and fuel filters to maximise efficiency and minimise emissions.