Kubota KX61-3

Kubota KX61-3 Overview

With the longest reach in the 2.5-ton class, nothing escapes the KX61-3’s reach including the most efficient performance. Operate the KX61-3 mini-excavator’s control levers. And you’ve got the most efficient, on-the-job performance within your hands. That’s because the KX61-3 delivers the largest digging depth and reach of all mini-excavators with a long arm in its weight category. Even with the long arm, it amazingly generates the largest power in its class for both arm and bucket digging. Furthermore, the KX61-3’s lifting power is so strong. Together with a host of robust features that complete the package, making the KX61-3 the stand-alone leader in performance.

Safety equipment

Hard Hat





Kubota KX61-3 specification

Weight 2600 kg
Length 4270 mm
Width 1400 mm
Height 2410 mm
Max Digging Depth 2490 mm
Max Digging Reach 4480 mm
Max Cutting Height 4360 mm
Tail Overhang 460 mm
Bucket Size (in) 9" 12" 18" 24" & Ditch
Bucket Size (mm) 220 300 450 600 & Ditch

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