Hitachi ZX130 LCN-6

Hitachi ZX130 LCN-6 Overview

The new Hitachi ZX130-6 LCN-6 is designed to achieve high levels of productivity, durability and reliability. We recognise that you need a machine that gives you a stress-free day on the job site, without any interruptions or complications. With this in mind, more than 200 redesigned features have been incorporated, including easy access to the engine compartment and a user-friendly fuel filter to improve maintenance. The durable hydraulic connection reduces the risk of oil leaks, while the repositioned expansion tank prevents engine parts from overheating. These features all contribute to an excavator that gives you a high level of performance on a wide range of applications.



Safety equipment


Hard Hat




Compactor Plate


Digging Grab

Manual Pulveriser

Hitachi ZX130 LCN-6 specification

Weight 14200 kg
Length 7710 mm
Width 2690 mm
Height 2870 mm
Max Digging Depth 6030 mm
Max Digging Reach 8770 mm
Max Cutting Height 8930 mm
Tail Overhang 315 mm
Bucket Size (in) 18" 24" 30" 36" 48" & Ditch
Bucket Size (mm) 450 600 750 900 1050 & Ditch

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